Exercise - does it make you stronger?

Good Morning everyone,

I have RR MS & have been exercising every day to my maximum which is very little to what everyone else can do.  I do pilates for my arms and stretching and go on the x-trainer which doesn't amount to very much.  I am currently going for physio for my left arm, right leg and back and although I feel more toned I notice no difference in how long I can walk for without sitting down. 

I asked the physio this week when will I get stronger so that I can drive longer as I drive a hand control car and my left arm gets very tired and I have to stop if I drive longer than 10 mins and she wouldn't answer and then said it's difficult so basically means no.  Does this mean that I should accept that I can't get any better and not bother or are there stories of people where eating well and doing exercise has made a difference?

Any uplifting stories are very welcome or even others that will make me be more realistic which I should be after 11 years of having it but I would like to be the exception to the rule.

Thank you

Martina x



Hello there,I cannot comment on the car and driving as I dont drive and dont know the rules of the DVLA...

They do say diet is a factor in MS and a change of diet can help.I no longer eat dairy products as I appear to of develeloped and oversion to them,they make me worse.

Exercise is good for you and can help.My physio gave me exercises to do,they can help with weak limbs.Staying fit and eating healthy is a must I would say.

This is worth a read:

They also have a FaceBook page.

I only do what my body and brain allow me to do each day,I fight back each day,I am not going to give up without a fight and stay as positive as I can.





Hi Martina,

Personally, I believe yes, it does make me stronger.

It won't achieve miracles, and doesn't work overnight, either.  I had to persevere for weeks or months, before I was confident there had been any improvement.  The early days were very disheartening, as progress was undetectable, and I wondered if I was just tiring myself out for nothing.

Eventually, though, I did improve.  Not to the extent it was as if I didn't have MS.  Nothing can achieve that, I don't think.

But better than I presumably would have been if I didn't to anything.

The last couple of weeks, I've been a bit slack, and not really putting the effort in (I had a bit of an accident, which caused me to lose confidence).

I'm already noticing strength and stamina is tapering off a bit, so I must get into it again, before it's too late.

I don't think it's a cure, but I think how you are with exercise is always going to be superior to how you'd be without.



Exercise is good for general health (as is a good diet), so must benefit us MSers too.  My view is that it helps me to keep what I have for longer and that is all the motivation I need.

I doubt there is much more you do other than your excellent and targeted routine and suspect you will only notice the difference if you stop, which I hope you don’t.

Of course, with RRMS there is always the chance of improvement and regular exercise puts you in a good place to take advantage. Do you take any drugs to treat the condition?

Hi, I don't drive but I believe exercise does help. Last year I had a course of physio and the therapist got me walking up and down the corridors where I live. I can now manage up and down the small side road outside. I can't manage it every day but on 'good days' I can and my legs are definitely stronger.

Also I've notice that because I have to push myself up from sitting position or from bed my arms have got stronger.

Any exercise you can manage is a good thing... pace yourself though and don't expect quick results.

Pat x

Personally I find it does help. When I regularly do my physio exercises for my walking/standing, I find that the strength builds up. And my physio said she can tell the difference between people who do their exercises at home rather than just at their appointments, as they always show more improvements.


I am sure it does help. My physio has commented on the improvement she has seen in me. I put this largely down to time in the gym and my yoga sessions.

I agree that little and often is better then trying to do big long sessions. I also think you need to listen to your body and if it complains, you stop and try again the next day.

I also feel a lit brighter for the exercise too.

so i think to improve ur walking u shud try out the treadmill, i know its boring but find a comfortable speed and try and build up the time that u can stay at that speed instead of the pace ur walkin at

with the strength, u shud try using free weights and just look on youtube for a suitable routine also i wud say that ur exercising too much, the only way to build strength is by letting ur muscles recover after exercise so i do weights 1 day then cardio the next then weights and so on

also never give in, it might be harder to build muscle because of ms but its not impossible!

Hi all,
I stumbled across this website whilst looking for something else - looks quite good for exercises.

Hope you find it useful.