Sun Is Shining on me today!

So Happy & feeling empowered for the first time in ages! Today I met my Physio, she rocks!! No talk of what I can still do! We talked about my frustrations about everything I have had to give up. She has empowered me! I have been given a sports brace for my foot drop so I can try and walk further again. I am signed up for a 6 week exercise class designed to get my balance and fitness back. Sooooo Happy despite being full of cold. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Wanted to share some positivity for a change.

Snowqueen xx


Hi Snowqueen

That’s brilliant, so pleased for you! A good physio I worth their weight in gold x

Physio/exercise is one of the very few things that can improve this pesky condition, but it’s not a quick fix and does involve a fair amount of dedication. Regular work on your core strength should help with balance issues and is a good place to start.

I find an fes greatly helps dropped foot problems and might be worth asking about.

Enjoy taking back a little bit of control.

i have been to a gym session run by neuro physios this morning,

two other people in the class have just had amazing physio which their ms nurse referred them to.

i have the same ms nurse as them and will be contacting her to ask for a referral to physio.

well done snow queen!

it’s lovely to read such a positive post.

carole xx

That’s brilliant news Snowqueen. Thanks so much for sharing your happy news.

Nice to have a smiley thread.

Shazzie xx

great news, i had a 6 week course with my neuro physio,she taught me pilates exercises to build up my core strength, i do them every other day when i can,and they do help me.

J x

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That’s brilliant news Snowqueen x

Good stuff :slight_smile: x