Feeling Positive

Hi all, Made an appointment with gym for tonight as been scared about going since have dx and last relapse that left me on crutches. Glad I made the leap, they were so supportive and really understanding of the condition. Realised you can’t treat two people with MS the same. Is going to draw up a programme for me and going to go in on sat am. Then meet me weekly so we can adjust things if necessary. Also said to treat my days when I’m resting in between visits as training days as rest is as important. Also suggested that if I can only manage 5 minutes that is better than nothing. I feel like I completed my first hurdle by actually walking into the gym on my crutches and I explained that to him he was s friendly and could see how much it meant to me just doing that. I feel so good after this visit and looking forward to Saturday. Barney

Good news mate Enjoy Saturday, feels good to take back control Hope it goes well for ya Gray

Thank you. Definitely does feel good to feel like you are controlling this disease

Thanks Jen I will ask about that. I don’t think people get excited about a trip to the gym like we do. Barney

Great news! I cancelled mine when the doctors at the hospital told me I had MS and wouldn’t improve and then a couple of days later a neurologist said it was a cis and I would improve, typical! Unfortunately I am no better yet though :frowning:

I think it will be good for me socially as well. Also help with feeling of independence. Really struggled with loosing independence since my last relapse.

I get a lot from weight training, although I overdo it sometimes. Having more physical strength now, just as them MS starts to progress can only help me further down then line x

I was at the gym this morning before work - it does get addictive!

If I can go I do because it does help you mentally as well as physically. And it was only on the news this morning that exercise is as effective as drugs with things like heart disease and stroke recovery.

Try not to overdo it though cause you will put yourself off. Build up nice and slowly. Like you I found it helpful to see the personal trainers and get a program done but they did tell me that at the end of the day I know my body better and to listen to it.

Well done with the start & good luck with the exercise.


Thanks everybody. Jen I hope you didn’t get too wet on your trip. Aqua fit be more exciting than a jog in the rain and a much nicer wet feeling :slight_smile: JBK I don’t think I could manage gym before work especially when going into office like today. Thanks for the advice to take things slow I am definitely going to do that and going to be sensible also not setting myself any expectations at how quickly going to progress so can’t get frustrated. Barney

Great news its amazing how much difference feeling a bit in control can make.

Ellie x

Thanks I am really looking forward to going on Saturday even though I feel exhausted today after being in the office and leaving my amantadine at home didn’t realise how much of a difference that lunchtime one makes. I won’t be forgetting them again Barney

How was it? Hope you felt invigorated with a new resolve.