Feeling Positive ......

Hi All

I am new to posting herebut have been an avid follower since I was diagnosed in May 12 - this forum has helped me hugely to come to terms with my diagnosis, keep informed and become positive about life again after a very difficuly 2012 (my mum died 2 weeks before my diagnosis).

I just wanted to share a couple of positive things that have made a huge difference to me as I am feeling really positiver today


After a bad relapse in Jan which affected my walking and balance and after steroids didn’t help I was referred to a neuro physio who suggested I take part in a ‘mat’ class they ran which was a 6 weekly course a bit like pilates and focussed on core strength. Everyone in the group either had MS or had suffered a stroke and had varying levels of mobility. I found this class very hard the first week but I did all my homework exercises and by the end of the last week my balance and core strength was dramatically improved. I could walk much better and further and even wear heels again. I live in the South so not sure how widely these groups are available but if anyone gets offered them I would thoroughly recommend them! I have kept up the exercises and maintained the improvement.

I was also taking Avonex since July 12 and unfortunately the flu side effects just never got any better for me and as I work full-time I was losing all my weekends to the ‘flu’ and recovering just in time to start work again on Monday! After a year my nurse suggested swapping to copaxone which I started 2 weeks ago and I feel great at the moment. So far I have had very little skin reactions and nothing esle. I am injecting manually and I have just managed to make it part of my routine.

I feel very lucky to have such a great MS nurse, GP, copaxone nurse and neurologist and I really feel for those who do not have the same level of support as I think this type of support is so important especially if you are on your own like me. I went through a very bad period earlier in the year with anxiety and I think I was going through the ‘grieving’ process for my health.

My nurse made me realise that this was all normal and now I feel that I am in a much more accepting place and have some control over my health and my illness.

Sorry this post is so long, but I just wanted to let anyone who is newly diagnosed and perhaps having a tough time know it isn’t always so hard. Posts like this really helped me a year ago.