Newbie to the chat room! Having a major relapse & experiencing impaired mobility for the 1st time - tad scary. I’ve amazed myself how positive/practical I’m being - loads of good stuff has happened over the past month: caught up with the neighbours, got more time for my lovely Mum/family/big sis who’s poorly too. Haven’t had to stress about work, steroids have had me doing all the little jobs that have been ‘on the shelf’ for the past 5 years! So all in all this relapse can be considered a positive thing… who knew? Have a wonderful day everyone X

Nice one...see there is life with not after ms.

Welcome aboard.


Good for you!

I've never found a relapse had much of a silver lining, but I've never tried steroids, as never really fancied them, and my hospital aren't very "pro" anyway.

But if they got me doing all the stuff (including housework) that's been on the shelf five years, maybe I should ask, the next time!



Good for you. Being positive makes such a difference doesn’t it.


Hi, well done you for keeping so positive and nice to meet you. Karen x

Evening all, nice to have joined the gang now - been a silent observer for a while. Happy Friday for tomorrow! X

Hi and welcome, I'm glad you've found something positive to come out of your relapse and hope your Friday is good for you.