Good news :-)

Hi all,

Some times I feel any time I post on here it can be quite negative. Anyway, I just wanted to write a more positive message to let people know things can and do get better. I had my first ‘Proper’ relapse a few weeks ago and it completely floored me. I could barely walk and my balance was out of control. It gave me, and my family, quite a fright. Anyway, today I am sitting at work watching the olympics (I know I should be working HA) feeling better than I have for over two years. I started new medication (Pregabalin) and that along with a heaavy dose of steroids seems to have done the trick. I even went for a long walk in the hills and picked wild flowers for my daughters and it felt just amazing.

Just wanted to share this to hopefully inspire those feeling a bit down and sick and tired of feeling appaling.

Take care


Onwards and upwards as they say.

Good for you and long may it continue.


Glad to hear you are feeling chirpy!

I am one of the annoying folk (so am told!) thats has cup not just half full but brimming. i am struggling now pysically but mind is strong

ellie x