Morning all Sorry for a whiny post. Just wanted to moan with people that really ‘get it’. In summary, I started Copaxone and gabapentin in the past two weeks and am going through another ON attack. My sleep was rubbish last night. My legs just ached/throbbed and I couldn’t find a comfy position. Also, I was experiencing odd flashes of light in my ON eye (when eye was shut but moving). Physically today I feel shocking. It has taken everything just to get up and make a drink. I’m on my second week signed off work. They are being fab but I’m just such a worry wort. If I feel like this I know it would be stupid to go back next week as it’s a stressful job (probation officer), but I hate putting my work on others. I’m still at the point where this fatigue takes me back mentally. All I did yesterday was a short dog walk and shop. It grumbles me to think I may have done ‘too much’. Not looking for any answers, maybe just re-assurance that this isn’t just me. This is my first day of really feeling bad physically. L x

Its not just you!! Iv sent days just lying on the sofa and sleeping because i was just too tired to do anything and a walk round to the shop (2 min walk) was just too much. Its makes me feel rubbish. I used to work 5/6 days a week and always worried that work would get fed up of me having time off during relapses but iv reduced me hours to 4 days a week and 1 in 4 saturdays which seems to be making a difference. Im lucky in the respect that when im not relapsing I feel pretty “normal” except for burning legs which I take pregabalin for and it seems to be doing the job but it took a few weeks to feel the benefit. I really hope you are feeling better soon xx

Hi, no need to ever apologise for having a much needed vent hun.

We are here to support each other and Im hving a rough time of it myself just now, so lets hold hands and keep hoping for better times, yeh?

luv Pollx

Thanks both. Feeling a bit brighter. All ‘tableted’ up so going to have a lie down. Yey to pain free legs :slight_smile: xx

Hi L


Stress at work is my problem at the moment waiting to see if am having a relapse, or allergy to stress!! Had to leave work early today as the floor kept rising up to meet me, and have also had the annoying flashing in one eye. (Maybe my meds have been swapped with magic mushrroms!)

Anyway try to keep positive and anytime you want to, come on here for a moan a laugh or just to chat to others who know exactly what you mean!

Freckles xxx