checking in

hi everyone, thought i’de just check in again. hope everyones doing ok. ive had what might be called a relapse this week although havnt been diagnosed as yet. had optic neuritis for about 5 days and numbness in left hand, very very tired and muscles spasm in legs and back. roll on appointment in september, imagine looking forward to a hospital appointment. must be going mad. x

sorry guys meant to post this on other forum but please feel free to comment lol x

Hi serina sorry to hear of your latest symptoms/relapse. I think we all understand what you mean about looking forward to a hospital appointment - I think we’ve all probably experienced the same at some point. Hope all goes well for you with the hospital appointment and keep us posted. Hugs Karina x

Thanks Karina, i definately will keep you all posted. I feel like im relying on this site more and more, im so glad its here x

Hi Serina

Nice to see you back, if you know what I mean! Hope all goes well for you next appointment, and hope you’ll be feeling better again soon. ON is a pain!


Hi Lots of (((()))) fro me Xx

thanks guys x

Hi Serina, Hope it doesn’t last too long and roll on September!!