Could this be classed as a relapse

Hi everyone

I’m quite new to this forum,and have learnt such a lot since I first joined a month ago.

ive never had a relapse,just one episode four years ago losing co-ordination of right side of body, after several weeks I hospital i recovered nearly to my normal self, I can definatly feel I have Ms and had a lumber punture in hospital which indicated I would develop it.

My main problem is bad fatigue which shows itself every 3 months or so.

This week however I have developed pins and needles in right hand fingers ,hand and upto elbow, also right foot and up to theigh. I have only ever had it I finger tips only before, is this classed as a relapse? I’ve had it since Thursday morning,I have a nuro appointment next Wednesday, should I report to Ms nurse on Monday or wait until appointment on Wednesday. I’ve not felt quite myself past couple of days either.

Any advise anyone can give me would be welcome?

Many thanks

Hi Smokey,

Sounds like it could well be a sensory relapse-are you still able to walk ok? Is it this Wed coming that you see the neuro if so I would wait and report it to him/her then. If you mean a week on Wed then phone your MS nurse and let her know on Monday. Discuss with the neuro how fatigued you get-they may prescribe some meds for you.

Hope you start feeling better soon.


Hi Cathy

thanks for your reply,it is this Wednesday I see the Nuro, so probably wait until then, unless it gets worse.

Many thanks

Oh forgot to say, I still can walk ok although it feels a bit weird and aches a bit, also I think this Nuro app may be to discuss starting the fatigue drug Modifinal as was. Promised last year on awaiting results of my syintnist test (. Not sure if this is spelt right) it was to find out how much energy I was producing, as I have under active thyroid too.

ill keep you postedx


Let me know how you get on with the neuro on Wed- yes if it gets worse by all means call the nurse tomorrow but they will probably say that as you are seeing neuro already on Wed that is soon enough.

Cathy x

I just posted this definition of a relapse on another thread, so I thought I’d post it here as well while it’s still on my clipboard. I think it shows that you are having a relapse:

What is a relapse?

A relapse is defined by “the appearance of new symptoms, or the return of old symptoms, for a period of 24 hours or more – in the absence of a change in core body temperature or infection”. Symptoms you have experienced before, or perhaps grown used to dealing with, might appear in a different part of the body.

In relapses, symptoms usually come on over a short period of time – over hours or days. They often stay for a number of weeks, usually four to six, though this can vary from very short periods of only a few days to many months.

Relapses can vary from mild to severe. At their worst, acute relapses may need hospital treatment, but many relapses are managed at home, with the support of the GP, MS specialist nurse, and other care professionals.

Thanks Sewingchick, that’s very handy information and you’ve explained it very well.

I should have said, I just cut and pasted it from another bit of this website. So you can be sure it’s reliable.