my achievement

For the first time in weeks ive been able to walk today my balance has improved and my legs are stronger going to take a slow walk with my partner and pram to pick up my daughter from nursery its a big thing for me

So pleased your finally getting a break. Xxx

Sending hugs xx long may it continue

Im even tidying the house the school run went well x

Great news enjoy

That’s great news. Take it steady really pleased for you

great news,sounds like you are starting to get over this relapse, dont over do it though,take it slowly,that way u will recover quicker.

J x

Yes im just hoping this continues i always wake up like shit in the mornings i even managed to pick baby up out of her moses basket which i havent been able to do for weeks x

So pleased!

About time you started feeling better.

Shazzie xx

That’s great new Hun. Fingers crossed your coming out the good side now. However like someone says above don’t overdo things. After steroids you can kind of feel you can do more than you can but your still recovering , just remember that. Great news xxxx

Thankyou i pray this is over but im not getting my hopes up tomorrow is another day x

Fantastic news so pleased for you. Long may it continue. Well done. Hugs Min xx

I still feel ok today hope it continues x

Great news, just remember to have a rest before you feel tired and wobbly. It’s so easy to overdo things when you start to feel better.

Take care

Tracey x