Good day today

Today has been a good day - it’s roasting in Aberdeen (no, it really is, I haven’t been sniffing the nail polish remover today), and in this heat, I drove to my local Costco (about 6 or 7 miles, other stupidly big stores are available), wheeled myself round the shop in my wheelchair for the best part of an hour (one of my friends came with me to be my minion in charge of the trolley), and then drove home again. I’m approaching week 11 of a relapse, and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did today a month ago. The relapse is either passing or I’m getting used to it.

Happy days,

Luisa x

Hi Luisa

So glad to hear that you have had a good day!

My Aunt died this morning and I have slept most of the day BUT ‘inside’ its been a good day for me too-my Aunt had a brill life which she lived to the full and is in pain no more, and sleeping is what my body needed today! Kids have spent alot of the time with neighbours-I would be lost without them.

I have had extra difficulties since 7th April-no idea if its classed as a relapse and to be truthful I dont care and I just take each day as it comes!

I once went to Aberdeen on the back of a motorbike! Lovely place!

Ellie x

Thanks Ellie,

So sorry to hear about your Aunt, but as you say, her suffering is over now, and that is something to be thankful for. Aberdeen is lovely, thanks - I saw lots of motorbikes out on the road today (as always if there is the merest glint of sunshine), I used to love being on a motorbike too, think I would fall off now, which wouldn’t be a good look.

Hope your sleep helped,

L x

Hi Luisa,

You’ve made my day to think that you’ve had a good one, even though we are at each end of the country it’s boiling down here as well. So well done for doing what you did and let’s hope you are coming out of a relapse.

So sorry Ellie to hear of your Aunts demise, but as you say she is out of pain. I hope you will be feeling better very soon.

Sending you both ((((hugs))))



Hi Luisa, yes it has been boiling in Aberdeen hasn’t it, I’m surprised but I’ve held up remarkably well in this heat, actually it doesn’t really seem to affect my ms, it’s just hot if you know what I mean. Anyway it’s quite a bit cooler today and cloudy and looks like it might rain. Well done on going round Costco as you did, perhaps your relapse is easing, now that would be good wouldn’t it? Ellie, sorry to hear about your aunt. Cheryl:-)

Thanks Cheryl - yes it has been cooler today, just when we thought we could get used to the heat! Oh well, that was summer - I’m more tired in dry heat, but humid heat just floors me completely, very glad it wasn’t close over the last few days.

L x