Better day today

Well, thanks to everyone who replied to my post yesterday about my bad day. Thanks for all your messages of support, and thanks also to the other people who helped me yesterday. I’m doing a bit better today and with that have aimed a bit in confidence. I’m always very stiff and I’m still more stiff than usual but not as bad as yesterday. So, back to positive thinking again for me! Thanks again. Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and more positive today.

Any insights into what caused the “blip”, or is it likely to remain forever a mystery, like so many things with MS?



Hi Cheryl,

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and more positive. May it long continue for you.

Janet x

Hi Kirsty and Janet , yep let’s hope it continues for a while. My walking is always very poor but today it is just back to normal poor, if you know what I mean. Tina, I think yesterday will have to stay a mystery, as you say , lol. You know , have you ever seen the programme “seconds from disaster” , where they lead up the chain of events that led to the plane crash or some other disaster and it’s always a chain of events. That was like me yesterday , I needed my husband to help me when I got up, then I nearly fell getting out the car at work, I needed my work colleague to help me out to the car then I did fall when someone came to the door when I got home. Anyway, I’ve decided that in the afternoon or when i am in the house myself, answering the door shouldn’t be a priority. Fine if I am expecting someone but if not, I’m not gonna bother about the door any more, after all it’s often just someone selling double glazing or someone like that you don’t really want to speak to anyway. Even yesterday’s person at the door was just someone wanting to clean the driveway. I fell getting up for that and I didn’t even want my driveway cleaned, lol. So what if I had missed him! Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl I never answer the door during the day unless I’m expecting a person or a parcel. I feel vulnerable if I’m by myself or with my younger sons so I just don’t bother. I have been known to hide so I can’t be seen by someone at the front door if I am in the front room! How sad am I? So the point is Cheryl , it’s no skin off your nose if you don’t answer and you could be preventing a fall, so just go for it and hide if you have to lol! Take care of yourself, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I’m having a laugh at you hiding so you can’t be seen at the front door, I have done that myself before tbh, you know if I’ve seen someone coming round the doors I don’t want to speak to, lol. Seriously though, you have the right attitude and from now on I’m not going to bother either. Cheryl:)

Next time I hide,I’ll think of you doing the same. Perhaps there will be a whole bunch of Msers doing the same. Although perhaps no one else will be as daft as us! Teresa xx

Lol Teresa, I came in from work today, I have an hour and a bit before children come in and usually go to kitchen to prepare tea, do other household jobs. We have a glass front door and you can see right through to the kitchen. We also have an inside vestibule door which I usually leave open so i can see right through to the front door, in case there Is someone there. But today, I closed the inside vestibule door and I just thought that I would ignore the door, after all with the vestibule door closed they wouldn’t be able to see my either, lol. So , yes are we just daft (well I am anyway) or do others do this? Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl & Teresa I to have hidden when someone has rung the door bell as I feel vunerable. So I guess I’m just as daft as you both. Like you said Teresa I bet there are loads of us who do exactly the same thing.

Janet x

Yup, hiding here in Yorkshire too but I have to be careful as the walkway goes right past my kitchen window so sometimes its hiding and bobbing - not a pretty picture.


Oh Jane I did laugh I could just imagine you hiding and bobbing. The things we do.

Janet x

Hi Cheryl, Hope your weekend is a good one for you and no more stiffness for ages.

Janet x

Jane, I’m laughing at you hiding and bobbing, sounds like a new type od dance. Mel, your dog sounds very good for this type of thing, I’m laughing cos at the moment my daughter and I are reading “the Famous Five” and your dog is making me think of Timmy in the Famous Five. Janet, I’m always stiff but I’m just back to normal stiff now if you know what I mean, so onwards and upwards, just no answering the door! Cheryl:)