Not having a good day today

Didn’t feel too great yesterday but put that down to Thursday being manic as it was my sons 4th birthday & it really took it out of me, by the end of the day I couldn’t stand up for the pain I was in, I don’t think there was a part of me that didn’t hurt, actually I lie, my nose didn’t hurt, my head was all over the place, felt so fuzzy & I was so confused I just couldn’t think straight, woke up today and still feel rough.

Was hanging washing on line in garden and came over all faint again (not had this for months) then the dizzy started, my left hand/arm is on its own planet today as its trembling like mad, vision going blurry too.

Just wanted to have a moan, no real reason to my post, just feeling sorry for myself & this heat isn’t helping, got to pull myself together with things as my daughter is in the local carnival procession tonight so got a good few hours standing in the streets watching.

Oh luv, I do feel sorry for you…and all the other MSers/limbolanders, who have young children. Of course you want to join in/organise their activities.

I guess I was lucky that my problems didn`t begin till my mid 40s, after my own children were grown up. Problems have marred my enjoyment of my grandchildren, but at least I do get plenty of rest time when I need it.

When we over exert oursleves, it is good to be able to rest for a few days afterwards…but you`re not able to do that right now.

Look after yourself when you find the time, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Becca, I’m with you today hon. I had a busy day yesterday and boy am I paying for it today… I’m back in bed right now! You are definitely allowed to grumble on here- we get it :slight_smile: hopefully you will feel better as you get more rest- you’ll be able to collapse in a nice comfy bed later and sleep it all away :slight_smile: x

I take my hat off to all of you out there with little people to care for.

I went to a wedding last weekend and its taken me a week to recover,so how on earth you cope day in and out means you are amazing people.

You may be shattered now but your little boy will remember you giving him a happy birthday. You obviously want your daughter to have you there so why on earth are you washing.

Please go and have a proper rest so you can manage the standing. Kids only remember their parents seeing them do things,not if the house is clean or the ironing done.

Be kind to yourself,and dont feel guilty for resting…it is as important as your tablets.

Hope all goes well tonight


Thanks, I’m sat in front of the fan now just chilling out, although my heads splitting because the kids are constantly arguing today, a grumpy 10yr old, 9yr old & 4yr old is not a good combination, think the heat is getting to them too !!

((((big hugs))))

Well I did it, made the walk to the seafront & stood for an hour to watch the carnival then walked back to the car & OMG I feel like I have been run over by a bus, everything is aching like mad, my head is killing & I just want my bed. Was lovely to see the kids enjoying themselves & to see my daughter on the float for her dance group, think the best bit was the male ginger spice girl blowing my husband a kiss, think it made his day !!

I’m off for a soak in the bath I think then an early night in front of the fan, tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter & I’m not looking forward to that at all.

Hope today is a better day for you,and glad you kept two kids happy.

End of the school holidays is in sight which I assume is the light at the end of alot of peoples tunnel by now. Doesn’t mean we dont love them but to my mind more shorter holidays is far more sensible than one long stretch.