Not a good day

I’ve had a really bad day today which is frustrating as I was saying to my hubby recntly that I had actually felt quite well, apart from dizzinesss all things considering these last couple of weeks. Tday has been crap so far. We run our own business and I do the phone. I’ve been asking for customers details today and I always ask for a spelling of the surname ( except for things like Smith etc. ) they have spelt their names out for me and I can’t write the names down prperly I’m hearing all the letters but my brain is not registering as I’m writing it down. I keep missing out letters which is totally bizarre and then I forget the name. It got to a point where I had ask a customer 3 times and I was so embarrased. Also I was trying to send anemail and I did something wrong and it dissspeared which is fair enough but my reaction was to ge into a complete raeg where I was throwing things about. I just dont get why I ovrreacted so much. It’s over 2 hours laetr now and I’ve calmed down but I just can’t stop my left arm and hand shaking and my left leg has the most awfu pins and needles. Good job I’m right handed. I guess stress can be bad for ms.


Sorry to hear about the bad day. Work sometimes goes pear shaped and you want to scream out in frustration. It’s particularly tough when you’re self employed but just take a bit of time to weigh up your priorities, limitations and well being. What wouuld be the cost of sharing your job? Remember there is only one of you and you only have one go at your life. Be grateful for the help of family and friends-it’s had for those not affected to fully understand everything. But this is your world and there is nothing wrong with thinking about yourself. Hope your feeling better about this soon.

Kind regards, Steve.