Not a good day

Well, I woke up more stiff than usual today, got to work, struggled to get out the car, nearly fell over when I did get out the car, just managed into my office. Anyway the man who sits near me and always helps me if i need is on holiday this week! There is another really nice man who sits in a further away office but he said he’d come along when I was going home and see if I needed any help. Had to get him to walk along beside me because I felt so wobbly and help me get my legs into the car. Got home, sat down in the kitchen, heard the doorbell, got up to answer it and fell over. Since the front door is glass thought the man at the door might have seen me fall and might come in to help me. Anyway he didn’t come to help but he did go to my neighbour and tell her so she came to help. Anyway I wasn’t hurt, just a bit embarrassed , after all my neighbour is 78. She didn’t do much , I eventually got myself up but I was pleased to see her. Anyway sitting on settee now, children are home, bit nervous about getting up but I will have to go and get tea soon. My confidence is rock bottom now but there are a lot of kind people out there. Cheryl:)

I’m sorry to hear this, Cheryl.

Stupid question, maybe, but do you think you’re going down with a cold or something? Or just been overdoing it lately?

Sometimes, when I get shakier for no obvious reason, it turns out I was sickening for something.

I’m glad you’ve not hurt yourself badly, but I can understand you are now nervous.

Should be OK now you know to take extra care?

Please take things slowly, and be careful!



Hi Tina and Kirstylou , I womder too if I am coming down with something Tina, I have also been really tired, which isn’t something that usually bothers me. Kirstylou, the chip shop sounds good, but I put some chicken in the slow cooker before I went to work today so it is more or less ready. Yes Kirsty, we are chatting on each others posts, lol, gonna enjoy chatting to you on here. Now my next problem is my sons school trousers need the hem sewed, oh dear, sewing is not my strong point! Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl.

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day.

When you are feeling that bad,you should have phoned in sick,why struggle,or was that not an option.

As Kirsty said chippy sounds good,if i remember right you live in Aberdeen,some good chippys there.

You Take Care Now,try and get an early night,after a nice soak in the bath.

Hope you feel better soon.put him on your shoulder.



Hi Cheryl You’ve really had a rotten day. Hope you manage to get the tea alright. Once the children are in bed please have a major rest. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hi Chris, I had put chicken in the slow cooker this morning so tea was nearly ready. As for chip shops we have the award winning ash vale in Aberdeen, and a few other ok ones too. Now you are in Kirkcaldy, when I stayed there , many years ago, we used to go to the chippie in Overton road, was it called Valentes,wonder if it is still there. Chris, didn’t really want to phone in sick cos I have work I want to finish during February, thank goodness we have a leap year this year, lol. Cheryl:)

Kirsty, I have left the trousers for granny to do, lol. Cheryl:)

Teresa, thank you, I got up to put the tea out, and my husband came home, so I have gained a bit in confidence knowing someone is now here. Cheryl:)

Yes it is still there and one in valley gardens to.

Red your post again,and i hate to nag but where you ok to drive,that is one of the reason that i stopped driving.

And i know you would hate your self if you had an accident,even if it was not your fault.

I have no reason to talk as i use to drink and drive,and was lucky ones or twice.

What happens in a leap year.

Take Care.


Ps hope i have not offend you.

Hi Chris, yeah I think I was ok to drive, I was just really unbalanced when I stood up, but, I have just been up and thought I was doing a bit better. Had sativex this afternoon so think that helped a bit, think I will have some more before bed. That’s really interesting about the chip shop can’t believe it is still there. The only thing about a leap year is that tomorrow I get an extra day to finish the work I need to finish during February, if you see what i mean. On Thursday, I have to start doing work for March, lol. Oh no you haven’t offended me, your from Kirkcldy and I like you! Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl, Sorry to hear you’ve had such an awful day, maybe ringing in sick would have been a good idea, but having said that I can understand your reasons in not doing so, have you not got a stick you can use on days like today, it may have helped you.

Glad you didn’t break the glass and hurt yourself all the more.

Janet x

Thanks Janet, I have my push along walker which I use at work, wouldnt manage without it tbh, but even with it I was still terrible. Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl.

Hope today is a better day for you.

For some reason i thout that you where a teacher,not sure why.[lots of teachers have MS]

You seem to have a lot of help at your work,i take it that they know about your MS,and are supportive for you.

Are you just part time,or full time,is it not possible for you to work at home,would save a lot of problems.

You take care now and remember we are hear for you.



Hi Cheryl, I see you`ve had a lot of kind replies offering support.

Please can I add mine too.?

Hope today is better. remember, there`s no medals for pushing yourself at work.

i used to be a workhorse, but was saddened when my manager didn`t back me when I needed it.

Hope you colleagues continue to help you…that`s lovely!

luv Pollx

Thanks Kirsty, yes I’m doing a bit better today. Hi Chris, yes lots of teachers do seem to have ms, well there seem to be a lot of teachers on here anyway but I’m not a teacher, lol. Yes, my work do know about my ms and yes they are great. I feel if I didn’t go out to work I would never go out, if that makes sense, but it may be an option to work at home if I get worse. I’m part time, they let me go part time when my son was born 10 years ago. Thanks Poll, I’m sorryyou didn’t get back up from your work, mine have been fab. Thanks everyone and yes better (well no worse anyway, lol) today. Cheryl:-)