must be a bad day today

i feel terrible today so tired feelin sick no energy keep burning husand has had to go out .made me promise not to move but someone came to the door i tried to go to the door ended up falling now i,m in more pain .my own fault should have stayed where i was.dare not tell my husband he won,t want to leave me alone again.feel so sad today want to cry my mind not working today .wish i could just fade away hate feelin like this.i don,t want to be like this anymore

sorry to hear you are having such a rubbish day, I am not having a great one either. If you need to have a cry, have one and then try and rest as much as you can (people at the door or on the phone can wait!) and who knows tomorrow may be a little brighter :slight_smile:

Laura x

Sorry you are not having a great day and you too Laura. I’m nt having a great day either so looks like I am in good company here. Anonymous, regarding answering the door I posted on here some time in the distant past about falling over when I got up to answer the door and I got replies from people who said they don’t answer the door. Now I tend not to answer the door unless I am expecting someone. I have so often struggled up to deal with a double glazing company or someone selling something I don’t need or want. When I have friends coming they know my situation so they come in , even the lovely postie and parcel delivy man know I can’t get to th door quickly and they just open the door, call my name and come in. Could you forget about answering the door in these kinds of situation. Cheryl:-)

I’m just the same today, must be something in the air :frowning: feel rubbish, we all need putting in a bag and shaking up! Hopefully tomorrow WILL be better! I know it’s hard to stay strong and be positive all the time but its the only way I feel I can get through. Today has been a day like you I have got myself upset and said I can’t take it anymore… then i think about the good days and just pull myself together! Remember there’s always somebody worse off, plenty better off, but some worse. Take care Mini x

hi anon


it doesnt matter how my day is-its not a competition. it matters that you are feeling cr*p and thats not comparable to anyone else. i have no idea if tomorrow will be better for you-i failed my crystal ball test! but i do know that even in the darkest of times u will find something to make you smile/grateful-u just have to be aware it exists and you might not be able to see it just now…

take care x

No it’s not a competition but its nice to know that other people are in the same boat and were not not going through it alone, it’s called sympathy!

wonderful comments from wonderful people hugs to everyone xx

oops-sorry min…i was trying to be supportive to the original poster,my aopolgies if i get it wrong.

Hi all I’m with you all too !! It’s the heat, I think. ((((((Hugs))))))) to everyone suffering #%^€ness and just so no-one feels left out, hugs to everyone who’s having a good day too !! Xx

Apology accepted, I just think its better to know we’re not alone in all this x

Hi, how are feeling today?

we are all entitled to a bad day and to feel as if it`s all just too much to cope with.

The important thing is not to beat ourselves up about it. Afterall living with a serious condition does take some handling.

Keep talking to us and we`ll do our best to support you.

hang on in there hun, yeh?

luv Pollx

feelin much better for your asking ,just got back up after a sleep still really tired but all the great messages cheered me up.

have some lovely bruises from my fall which i had to own up to to my husband,hes from now on hes going to tag me so he,ll know when i move if he has to go out.bless him he,s my rock

thanks for the message hope your ok too xx