Anyone else having a bad day?

I have been exhausted for several weeks now, I have been trying to take it easy and took a day off work last week just to sleep. It re-vitalised me for a couple of days but then back to work and I just feel exhausted again. I’m am also becoming forgetful and getting confused over things that normally wouldn’t faze me.

I really feel like I am struggling today, I have barely seen my partner for the last couple of weeks as he is moving offices so has been working late or going straight out with friends, work is piling up & I feel like I’m not going to make it through the day without some sort of mental breakdown. I got home last night and just cried for ages which made me feel a little better but this morning I’m back to feeling incredibly down.

I am going on a much needed holiday tomorrow which will be good but I really feel like I’m not going to last the rest of the day

Any advice for dealing with emotions?

Hi, I can empathize with how you feel. I’m battling dreadful fatigue ATM. The heat doesn’t help matters either. Have you got an ms nurse that you can talk to? Also, why not go and chat with your gp, he/she may be able to help too. I hope you get the advice and help you need. Don’t suffer in silence, you’re not alone. Enjoy your holiday, completely blank all your worries and relax, relax, relax… xx


i would suggest dont fight them but laugh cry get it out. i am all over the place emotionally but have learnt (for me) its best to go with the moment. it does pass-good and bad.

take care, ellie

I mentioned my exhaustion to my ms nurse a few weeks back & she suggested steroids to help me get back to normal & said she would book me in to see my neurologist. I’ve chased her up several times but not had any response. She called me and said oh I’ve been really busy with someone else having an emergency and still hasn’t got back to me after that (that was last week). She’s not really responsive and so I don’t really feel I can talk to her :frowning: Well am packing for holiday at the moment and hopefully that will be the break I need to set myself right again :slight_smile: Red X