What a rubbish day

What a rubbish day. I’ve been in bed mostly due to feeling totally exhausted. My left side playing up with it’s spasms and cramps. My head feels like it’s full of worms…not a good day. I’ve done nothing here apart from making a brew and feeding the cats. So I’ve rested, I’m just not enjoying my imposed rest period at all :s

Its weird how I’ve been diagnosed for over a month I think and I still don’t feel that connected to it. I may be in another denial stage I think. I’ve got all information but I’m not taking it in :s there’s a part in my head saying ‘yeah, but this doesn’t really apply to me’. I don’t know if anyone else has had this? I’m sure many have.

After my last MRI , I’ve applied to get the disc of it. Not sure how long it will take, it will be interesting to look at, though I probably won’t know what the heck I’m looking at lol. Has anyone else sent off for their copy? Do you get any kind of report with it?


Sorry you’re feeling rubbish today :frowning: Hope it’s a better day tomorrow. Never even thought about getting the disc, but have always received all correspondence between MS nurse, neuro and GP, quite interesting especially when you realise they are talking about you. 1 year on for me now and sometimes can forget about it, well slight lie there, but makes feel good. Take care of yourself.

Wow, it’s so good that you hear what’s going on between everyone involved. I, unfortunately, hear nothing…oh I’m not getting started on that lol. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: don’t know about you but I don’t half go on a downer when I feel rubbish xx

I think anyone can requested to be CC into the letters between all, but not sure just asked. So far been lucky not to have too many downers, but think you might be a bit further on than me. Fingers crossed for a better day for you tomorrow.

Hi Beverly,

Have you got a dedicated ms nurse yet? If you have I would give them a call as they are now your first port of call.

If not I would contact your GP and ask them to chase your referral up to see why it is taking so long to get an appointment.

I hope you feel better soon.

Big hugs

Robert xxx.

Cheers Billpat1. I’m not sure what type of MS I have yet, I’ve just been told it’s MS. I suppose I will find out when I see Neuro in Nov. i think I will ask GP to CC. I used to get letters a couple of years ago, but not now :s thanks hunxx

Robert_c , I was told by physio that she had referred me. She also gave me the number. I rang her,emailed her…no reply. I phoned the MS helpline, they gave me the same number, no reply. Weird!

I will chase it up but I’m not up to the mither at the moment. When I feel like this I just haven’t got the fight or the energy to make those calls etc. sounds daft but it uses up so much energy. I know I’m pretty bad, I know I’ve progressed, but I will get through today and see how I feel tomorrow.

i must apologise, I’m usually a bit more uplifted. I don’t usually let people in on days like this as I’m such a miserable git :wink: a female Alf Garnett but northern? Erm, Norah Batty…haha xx thanks for the replies, I do appreciate it.xx

hi beverly (or norah)

i’ve been diagnosed for 6 years and often have days like that.

thankfully i got medical retirement because i dont know how i would have managed if i was still working.

i usually spend a lot of money that i dont have when i feel down.

buy tickets for bands usually but last december i bought tickets for the theatre.

i went tonight with a friend to see War Horse at the lowry in manchester.

what a brilliant, incredible, magnificent play!!

and even more poignant given that its 100 years since war was declared.

you’ll be feeling better very soon, if you’re not i’ll come and give your ms a kicking!

carole x

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Haha, cheers Carole xx sounds like a good night. Haven’t been to the Lowry in years. I used to live up there over 10 years ago now. Glad you had a great time :slight_smile:

i’ll be alright. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself I think after having a good spell for ages, then feeling poop. Not to worry. More adapting that’s all. Xx