having a really bad day!!

Feeling not so well today! Woke this morning with a banging headache then not long after the dizziness with tingling down my arms started and had it all day. Got to the point I didnt want to be on my own, really scared that I was going to pass out so had to get someone to drive me to my mums…

My mum suggested i should see my gp, which was a waste of time! What ever happened to face to face appointments, spoke to doc on the phone to which he said nothing really he can do because im under the neurologist but he said i could up my amitriptyline by another 10mg at night… errr why!!! No explanation! !

What is it with docs if in doubt just chuck more pills at you… just hope it all settles down don’t I’ll be able to cope with this for a couple of weeks till I see my nuro!!!


Big hugs. I’m suffering with eyesight problems and have for the last six weeks. They upped my amitryptylene three times saying it was migraines even though I have a constant blur in my eye which is not a migraine symptom Here hoping the neuro sorts something out for you as your symptoms ease off till then Mick

Sorry that you have felt so poorly if it’s any sort of consolation I feel like in the 3 months since I became ill my whole life has changed no one understands the doctors are trying there best but waiting on results and today has been very difficult I have had to go back to bed 3 times with what I cam only say is exhaustion as my eyes simply don’t stay open. I can’t be as active with my daughter I take my mood out on my hubby we nearly argued today but instead it ended with me in floods about how worried I am regard health my job that I love my money that I Need and its all just got to much. I feel better now I have had a good old cry lol I even feel guilty now for writing on here as if I know I have MS I don’t know and probably won’t for a very long time. Sorry I did intend to console hopefully we will both have a better day tomorrow xxxxxx

Thanks Mick lets hope so and that we all feel much better soon I too have blurriness in left eye… just want it all to stop! ! Can deal with headaches and blurriness its the dizziness thats knocked me for six… :frowning: Evie 1 sounds as if we are in the same limbo boat … and u did console me its so good to talk about this to people that understand!! And very much appreciated… I do think sometimes its good to have a good rant and a good cry… helps loads :slight_smile: Vickie x