Feeling dreadful today

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to share how poorly I feel today. Am feeling pretty sorry for myself today as my eyesight is terrible, balance is terrible, back spasms are back with a vengeance, have numb feet that actually really hurt (tramadol is not touching that pain at all now) and numb hands, face and one knee, been twitching all weekend and all through the nights, am more tired than I have ever been… been in bed all day today and am still so tired. I am sweating constantly… like my internal thermometer has gone up by a few degrees. And I have been SO irritable the past couple of days, which is totally unlike me.

Got first neuro appointment on Tuesday and if I feel this bad then I think I will have to be carried in! Thinking about going back to optholmologist tomo as my eyes hurt so much and Ive developed such an incredible light sensitivity.

I feel like I am falling to pieces and I cannot believe how different my life was just 4 months ago.

Anyone want to join me in hibernating for a few months?

Paula x

Awww Paula x bless you xxx

I was in the same position for 3 months this time - but I’m relieved to say that most things have eased significantly for me - now I’m back to the chronic problems I had before!!!

Is it tomorrow you are seeing the neuro? If so ask him for meds to help you.

If it’s next week then get back to your GP for some help xxxxxxjenxxxx

((((hugs Paula))))

My life has changed quite dramatically too I think it does for most people in some way.

If you just can’t hang in there until your appt on Tuesday then give your GP a call - if getting to the surgery is a problem then ask for a home visit or a telephone consultation. Please don’t suffer in silence.

Whatever you decide to do make sure that your neuro is aware of how things have been and still are for you. Everything you can tell him is important.

I hope that you start to feel better soon

Debbie xx

Hi Paula Do you think you would be able to put up with extreme dizziness first thing in the morning, so bad I have fallen 4 times since 07.00, I also have had spasms n both legs all night stopping me from sleeping. I have taken dizzy meds-guess what-they made me feel dizzy. Don’t have. It for spasms-“new” symptom. Mike

Hi Paula I would gladly hibernate for a few months too, but when the suitcase “bumped” it would be game over- ha:-) It’s bad how quick it changes, 6 months ago I was climbing to the top of the Clifton bridge. All I want to do is sleep all the time, I just have no energy. Look after yrself Mike x

I’ll hibernate with you .I managed to get out yesterday and went to a dog show ,well im paying for it today ! every muscle hurts and feels like ive strained it .Very dizzy also .And my stupid stupid nose feels like its going to drop off its so cold .

4 months ago i was ok also .It is amazing how quick things change .

Hope your feeling a bit better soon

Sam x

Hi sorry your feeling like this, any consolation me too I was ok 3 months ago and then it all came crashing in around me. I hope things improve for u and very soon. Take care Kirsty x

Thanks everyone.

I was thinking of hibernating in a cave somewhere but by the sounds of it, we would all starve and be cold as none of us would have the energy to hunt/make a fire/cook!

On a better note, I am feeling slightly better today and my eyesight isnt too bad either! Whoohoo I can sit here and read :smiley: I may even cook later if Im still feeling ok :smiley:

Why is it that I have one okish day and then 6 terrible days? Maybe I push myself too hard? But then I would feel totally useless if I didnt do anything on a good day!

I have neuro tomo so while my eyesight is not too bad, I can write my notes to take with me :smiley:

Hoping everyone is having a good day xx

Hi Kirsty Sucks dunnit. It was all ok then bang-it only slows down or changes course, it does not stop. Take it easy Mike x

I quite agree…so hibernating in style where every whim is attended too sounds just the ticket…If only eh?!

Glad that you’re feeling a bit better today, try not to overdo it though otherwise you’ll be back to square one.

Good luck tomorrow

Debbie xx

I have a problem fitting in box -ha :slight_smile:

Sorry you have been having a rubbish time Paula, but glad you’re feeling a bit better hugs