Struggling today :(

Hi, I have my appointment with neurologist tomorrow evening. Wish it was today, I am really struggling with back pain and fatigue today. Just took my dog for a walk (which are getting shorter each week as I can’t do any more) and was in tears half way home as pain and stiffness was so bad. So much for plans of attempting housework and shopping today! I have my list of current symptoms ready, just worried its too long! I have tried to cut it down but so many strange things happening to me on a daily basis dont want to forget anything (which is very likely at the moment!). Sorry to have a moan but live with my 22 year old son and don’t want to burden him with my problems until I know definitely what is wrong. Jane x

Moan away that’s what I use this place for as I only have 2 people know what’s going on and I don’t talk to them about it much as they refuse to believe it could be ms even though neuro said that hes testing for that. Bad days are rotten and I hope you feel better soon and that neuro appt goes well A xx

Just get your list sorted so that the worst thing is at the top, and the least-worst is at the bottom.

Dont give the list to the neuro - just tell him/her. You want them concentrating on you, not reading a bit of paper.


Thanks A, think I’m just feeling very anxious as seeing same consultant I saw 3 years ago but he discharged me as brain MRI was clear. I know I’m much worse now with so many new symptoms, but concerned the same will happen again. I just need answers :frowning: I also have a appointment with a rheumatologist on Tuesday morning as GP was querying CFS and Fibromyalgia! I have waited over 3 months for this appointment but Neuro appt was brought forward due to eye problems and vertigo. I work in GP practice and have been advised to go to both but feel guilty wasting consultants time.

Don’t know why my first post was anon. I totally get how you feel I have been discharged twice as well so was anxious going to my recent appt and am still waiting for it all to happen again. A

So sorry to hear you so sad. I understand exactly how you feel, and moan away. Have you looked at diet? Up until 2 weeks ago my fatigue was soooo debilitating, and within 2 days of changing my eating I felt mentally alert and have gone from strength to strength. Im not saying it will work magic… and it does take effort, but its worth a shot! Let me know if you are interested and I will send you links/details.

Sus x

Moan away, there’s usually alot of good listeners on here. Good luck for tomorrow.


Try not to feel guilty, your not wasting anyone’s time. You have obvious physical symptoms that need checking out. Seeing a neuro and rheumatologist makes sense to me considering your symptoms. It looks like you have a very good gp, good luck with your appointments. x

I agree with everyone else on here. you’re not wasting anyones time.

good luck with the appointments and keep us posted :slight_smile: