consultant today......:/

My partner is off to go and see his consultant today at 9.30am,i’ll be going with him for moral support,
But also to remember what was said and ask any questions my othher half is never good at
Things like that…he is going to see him to discuss his 2nd MRI and bloods as his 1st MRI
In november showed white leigons in his brain where nerves were uncoiling and neuro said with that result and
Symptons highly looked like MS but other tests needed to be done to be positive.
Today. Feels like it has dragged,as we just want answers etc,so im hoping today can bring,
That for him and not leave us in limbo,coming on here to talk has been good for me as I cant talk to my best friend
As everything about her all time,and my partner I like to be strong for him,so thanks u guys
For being here,keep your fingers crossed that my partner gets the answers he and I both want
And need,ill be back on later to update. Xx

GOOD LUCK! Stay calm and firm - you need answers! (Take a list of key things with you.)
Karen x

Good luck today..really hope you get some answers..and things are moving in the right direction for you..:_0

Good Luck, I hope you get some answers so you both can move on with your lives.

Teresa xx

Waiting to hear how it went. Fingers crossed for you both.

luv Pollx

Hi all. Sorry didnt get round to posting yday but thanks for all your
Msgs. We saw the neuro who didnt have my partners notes just his 2
Mri scans one from nov and the latest done in jan,as the main hosp
Had sent the nots on the 6th but still hadnt recieved them!! He said there
Are more white spots on the latest mri on his brain and top of spine,
He has said it is MS very small chance it could be anything else,and we got to
Go back and see him tomorrow afternoon as he is leaving his job tomorrow
And wants to summarise everything up as he is refering hubby to an actual MS
Doctor now,and also getting him booked in for a lp.
So hopefully tomorrow we will have some more answers, the neuro is good
But he talks in his medical language and expects us to understand
And it hard to ask him questions as he just talks and talks,but finaly glad to know
What it is for definte more than likely,and hopefully hubby will start to get meds and
Come to turns with it as he is still in denial.
Thanks for all your lovely messages and continued support.

Well, progress of a sort at least!

I hope it goes well tomorrow and that the referral to a specialist comesthrough quickly.

Karen x

Hi there

You seem to be getting there slowly but surely.

Your other half won’t be able to stay in denial much longer and will need to come to terms with what is happening to him.

But he has you and all your love and support.

Keep your chin up sweetheart, life will improve.

Teresa xx