Struggling at the moment..

Hi all, I’ve just really come on to off load things a bit…so sorry for moaning… I don’t have a diagnosis and have been dealing with ME and fibromyalgia for a few years. My GP has referred me to neuro ( I see him on Monday 19th) as other things are happening that she is concerned about… possibly MS?? I returned to work last week after 4 months off. Everyone has been really good, but I feel as though I am struggling. I’ve gone back for 4 hrs a day for a couple of weeks but I’m completely wiped out when I get home. I had a really bad episode of fatigue yesterday, you know the one where you cannot move an inch… today is better but still shattered. I’m waiting to go and see occi health but not sure how long the appt will take to come through. I can’t afford to have any more time off work as I know it would be really hard financially, but feel I can’t go on like this for much longer. My hubby and family have been great but I find it hard to tell them how I really feel, even though I know they would understand. Thanks for being there… Sharon …

(((((((((hugs)))))))))) Fatigue is a killer :frowning: There are meds to help (e.g. amantadine & modafinil), but I don’t know if you will be able to get them without a MS diagnosis. Worth asking your GP though I would think? I hope the neuro appointment goes well. (Worth asking him/her what they can do to help you with the fatigue too.) Let us know! Karen x

Will do Karen…thanks for the reply x

Hi Sharon, sorry to hear things are so bad. i imagine having ME is bad enough without adding extras…especially MS…you must be totally wiped out, after working even a few hours a week. Do you get DLA? If not, sounds like you could try for it eh? I retired on ill health, 11 years ago. I didnt think I could manage financially either. With works pension, DLA and IB, I dont do too badly. Hubby has his works pension and CA. Think of yourself, Sharon and look after yourself too. luv Pollx

Thanks Poll… I never thought I’d get DLA with working? I wouldn’t know where to start. I have got health protection insurance at work so perhaps I could look into that, I also have a pension but I’m 51 so not sure what the payments would be. It’s really hard admitting to people that you can’t do the job anymore (not 100% anyway). I think I need to start looking into things and stop burying my head in the sand :wink: You take care… Sharon x

Hi Sharon, you can claim DLA whether you are working or not. If you go on the DirectGov website it will tell you how to get hold of the form and I think you can also download it (best option for me as my writing is terrible & have bad ‘brainfog’) or fill it in online. There is also a great website called benefitsandwork which has guides on how to fill in the forms (they are rather lengthy and it’s good to know what the questions ‘really mean’). W.r.t. working my heart goes out to you. I struggled for 4 years to keep my job but every time I had time off and did a phased return it got more and more difficult. I had a lot of pressure from HR and eventually reached a compromise with them (the same week I was diagnosed with ME/CFS) and left (with the help of a good employment law solicitor to negotiate for me, which helped a lot). Please try to be kind to yourself. It really isn’t worth risking your health by pushing yourself too far. Take care, Margaret :slight_smile:

Thanks Margaret, that’s really useful info :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am really struggling, I work in a regulated environment and manage a team of 10… so I need to constantly update my knowledge… which is virtually impossible at the moment. Funnily enough we build databses and process all the data received from clinical trials…great work but need your wits about you. When consulting an employment lawyer does it cost anything or do you know of any that may give some free advice? I keep wishing I could get offered rendundancy…oh well we live in hope :slight_smile: Take care Sharon …