Recently Diagnosed and finding it hard :-(

Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with RRMS and have been given a bundle of info and the MS Decisions website to look at as my Neuro said it would be good for me to have treatment. Over the last week I have been back to work and when working it kinda takes my mind off it, but when I get home the nightmare begins.

My mind is working overtime at night so not sleeping and I feel like I have huge stone in my stomach that just will not shift - perhaps that is why I feel so nauseous all the time. I was expecting the neuro to give me the dx when I went but even sio, it has hit me like a thunder bolt. I suffered from anxiety anyway and have been on meds for years and the the dx has just taken back to square one with this :frowning:

My back keeps developing paining knots like cramp, the pins and needles in my hands is awful and last night it kept felt like someone was pinching bum cheeks (fnah fnah!) - there was no one else in bed - honest!!!

I downloaded the form for DVLA and feel gutted that I am perhaps lose my right and capability to drive in the future.

I am also sad that my family (who live 100 miles away) just don’t seem to bothered about what I am going through because ’ a friend knows someone who has had MS for the last 40 years and they are OK’ grrrr.

I also found out on saturday that my eye muscles have weakened somewhat which they are associating with my condition and hence I have to have even thicker ‘bottle bottomed’ glasses :frowning:

To top it all, I have been to an Interview Under Caution today for not telling the council about my rise and fall in income for housing benefit today - which I totally believe to be assisted with my memory loss symptoms and the stress/worry of having to under go tests over the last two years. What annoyed me a little with that is that the investigator kept saying that i still managed to not take any sick days off work throughout this (I actually used my annual leave to cover appointments/bad days).

I have have literally cried all day.

Sorry for long post but I really needed to get that of my chest.

Hello Amanda, I really don’t know what to say, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. It certainly doesn’t seem helpful for your family to compare your MS with someone else. If there is nothing else I have learnt is that MS is variable, no one has exactly the same experiences. They were probably trying to give you a positive story. I haven’t even had my first Neuro appointment yet but I can’t tell my mum about what has been happening because I know what will happen. I know your eyes are probably sore from all that crying but crying is good, gets it all out! Sorry, that’s the trainee Cousellor coming out!! Big hugs Sam x

Sorry to hear you are not so good, I think its awful when friends etc dont understand how we feel…We look ok, but feel crap!!! I have not been dx as yet just waiting for results. You should put yourself first and rest as much as you can.