Newly diagnosed last week

Hi all,

I was officially diagnosed last week with ms, my world has been crashing down around me since finding out! I have been speaking with some lovely people on here but I really am struggling.

I have had so many constant symptoms, neck ache, headache, numbness, tingling a new one is a constant whirling noise in my head/right ear! I was given steroids for five days to help things but that hasn’t worked, I know it won’t work straight away. I am now in amitriptyline, only one day in with those but I really am struggling!

I have ms phone call on Monday to start the process of things, medication I guess.

I guess I’m just trying to reach out to people because I really am struggling.

Mum of boys

We’ve all been where you are now, reeling from the shock. It’ll get better as it sinks in and your subconscious processes and rationalises the situation.

Sounds like you have a progressive variant rather than relapsing-remitting type.

I found some comfort in researching everything I could lay my hands on. The more technical / medical / scientific the better - somehow the cold analysis, devoid of emotion is easier to take; more real. Oh well, each to their own, perhaps I’m strange! However, I would like to think that whilst I don’t have a medical doctorate. I am at least becoming a little more accomplished in the MS field! No expert, but can at least challenge the Consultants, GP’s and MS Nurses and talk their language a bit.

What I do know, is that I had a bad reaction to anything ending in -triptyline. Read the blurb in the packet, and online. They turned me into a zombie in a couple of days. If that’s happening to you, stop taking them! So much about MS care is experimentation, as we’re all different and everyone’s MS is different too. Tell your team and they’ll switch you onto something else.

We’re all struggling and it helps that we can come on here and struggle together, rather than alone. We get it :smiley:


Sorry to hear that you are struggling. Having dependents must magnify the issues. I hope that your family can be a source of support soon.
Wishing you all the best Mick