Diagnosed this week

Hi there

I’ve been diagnosed with MS on Monday and I can honestly say I’ve never been so scared in my whole life. I’ve been diagnosed after suffering Paralysis and loss of sensation and feeling in my limbs. I’ve not been referred yet into MS support etc but this whole week I’ve been so ready and feeling really rubbish. Is there anyone on here from Leeds ?

Hi, Im no where near Leeds im afraid, but just wanted to say welcome and everyone is friendly here. We all know what you are going through and will support you as best we can - you are not alone! xx

Sadly no where near Leeds, but this is a useful place to visit so that you can be aware that you are not alone with this stuff. Being scared makes sense when new bad stuff happens, just try not to let it become constant. I am not being flippant and I have been terrified many times, but have been a bit of a techie boy about it. I try to break things down into little groups. Like : Stuff I can deal with
Stuff I will understand with a bit of research.
Stuff I need help with.
Stuff I can do nothing about so try not to worry about.

Make up your own criteria and then start to either knock off the easy stuff or start a plan to deal with the tougher bits. It also helps to have a good team. These can be friends and family or medical professionals. Generally much better than Dr Google which can be very negative as well as useful, so you need to be smart with it. One aspect that I am still trying to master after more than 30 years with MS is listening to my body and knowing what might happen when I choose to ignore it. I might crack it in another 30 years but I doubt it ! Good luck

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Hi and welcome to the site, you’ll find lots of understanding and support here to help you. I’ve lived with MS for many years and it can be scary when you are first diagnosed but please do not think it is all bad (it is not) as the diagnosis opens doors to help and support to help you live as normal a life as you can. Lots of people are left in Limboland and that is a difficult phase. I used to live in Leeds but now live about 25 miles away but know it very well. The MS support group there is very active and when I can I attend the Leeds hyperbaric oxygen treatment (when Covid restrictions permit) and it has helped me so when you are feeling up to it you might like to try it too. I’ve never been offered DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) but you might have that opportunity and these might help. MS symptoms fluctuate so there are times that are better than other times. I hope this helps ease your mind. :kissing_heart: Maz