Recently diagnosed this week!

Hi everyone this week I have been diagnosed with MS not sure what stage and to be honest I don’t know what to think, the past 6 months Iv been suffering with vertigo, slurred speech headaches and the past 2 weeks lost some vision in my left eye after MRIs and an appointment with a neurologist she confirmed it is MS the next thing is treatment she was talking about transfusions but it’s all just a whirlwind for me I just feel lost and confused I’m off work and I know I need to go back but I’m scared I just wanted to share my thoughts does this ever feel better? I just feel like it’s always going to consume my thoughts. Hope everyone is well

Hi Beki
Sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. No 2 instances of MS are the same so it would be daft of me to give you a straight forward answer. In my experience over 30 years I have had bad times and great times, managed to stay employed until it was no longer in my or my employers interest. Try to live in the here and now and listen to your body. I hope that your team help you with the tough bits and enjoy the good stuff.

Hi Beki
So sorry to read your post. No advice I’m afraid except to say I feel exactly the same. Received my diagnosis last week. Think I’m in shock, I’ve always been so healthy. I’m due to be put in touch with the MS team to discuss treatment options. Take care of yourself, hopefully this forum will be helpful to us both