Having a bad day in limbo land

After another bad night, can’t remember when I had a full nights sleep. I have gone on to have a bad day. Gp did put me on sleeping tablets, but they did not work, also tried herbal ones. Not sure if I am worrying about my MRI results, due any day now, had MRI on 21 June. Or it’s fact I have been moved off a beta blocker and onto an epilepsy drug for my headaches this week. Beta blockers not having any impact on numb arm or headaches. Still got ptosis - drooping eyelid and squint that has changed direction, blurred vission and find it hard to focus been to optician, who refered me to eye clinic, been to see one specialist who said it could be MS related and has reffered me on but don’t see them till end of August. Started with numbness in arms and fingers but now have jerky legs, which are stiff and heavy, finding it hard to carry out daily tasks, can’t think straight and have no energy. Only good thing is I have changed on to decaff which means I no longer wet myself! Already taking anti depressants as had a shit few years, illness, redundancy, death etc. Had to get someone else to collect my youngest from school today, could not walk up the hill to collect him and did not feel safe to drive, my husband rang and have told him he will have to make tea or it’s takeaway. Feel such a failure. Finding it hard to cope, if it is MS then at least I will have an answer, but what if they don’t know? Sorry to have a moan, just feel useless

Hi apple pad sorry your having a bad day its hard but moan all you like it helps sometimes and theres loads of people on here that know how you feel and your not useless we all need some support sometimes the local takeout knows me by name now !! sending hugs xxxxxxxxx

Don’t be so hard on yourself lovely xxx

You are going through a hard time and those around you will want to be helping xxx it’s really hard I know but you’ll get there xxxjenxxx

Sorry you are having a really bad day Apple pad. Its awful feeling bad and not knowing what to do about it all. I really hope you feel better soon xx

Poor you what a miserable time you are having. Remember you are not useless, never think that, your poor body is telling you something is wrong but it doesn’t mean you’re useless. I do hope you manage to get some sleep and get the results of your MRI very soon. Take care.



Thank you for all your positive comments. Had another bad night, but gave myself a good talking too and have got some stuff done today. Rang Gp’s, re MRI results, recepectionist said to ring hospital, so I did, had MRI 2 weeks ago today and was told 7-10 days for results from Gp. Hospital said they only got results yesterday and had not been typed up yet! She was abit snooty, tried to explain that I was getting worse but she was not interested Rang a friend of my husbands today who has had MS a few years, but he was covered by BUPA through work, so got results quick. Had a nice chat by a bit worrying as he had the same eye trouble as me, and alot of the same symptoms. He told me not to stress as it makes it worse, so trying not to. Hoping I will not regret tomorrow the stuff I have done today! Bought a notebook, going to write every thing down. Thanks again