What is happening to me :(

I have feeling bad for a while but in the last hour or so things seem to be getting worse. My hands and feet are so numb they might as well not be there. The pins and needles are all over my body and I feel like a boa constrictor is wrapping itself around me starting at my ankles. My neuro appointment isn’t till the end of the month and that seems such a long time away.

I am sorry you’re feeling so rough nikkinakkinoo. Are you on neuropathic painkillers to ease your symptoms? If not, please see your GP. I’m sure he/she will help. The end of the month seems a long time away at the moment but you will get there! Keep strong, Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa. I am not taking anything at the moment. My regular GP said it was stress and I should relax more and the last GP thought it could be cured with iron supplements!

I was referred to the ms neuro by my epilepsy neuro so I’m feeling very lost with no where to turn.


Aww bless you xx that ‘nowhere to turn’ feeling when you are in this state is so familiar x I don’t know what to suggest x I wish I did!! What about phoning the out of hours GP? Or NHS Direct for advice? Keep posting with updates x worrying about youxxxxxjenxxx

Can you see another GP in the meantime stating that you are due to see the MS specialist? They may then help with the painkillers you need to help you through until you see the neuro. Teresa xx

Still feeling awful and that boa constrictor is wrapped round my chest. I rang the out of hours doctor last night who told me they couldn’t help and to contact a&e. I did and they said they wouldn’t do anything because I hadn’t seen the neuro yet. I rang my GP surgery today and was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen until I see the neuro. Looks like I’m on my own :frowning:

I had the horrible boa constrictor round my chest a few weeks ago and it wasn’t nice - caused all my pins and needles to reflare too :-(. Ibro or co-codamol might take the edge off it’s painful/uncomfy. Some people find putting pressure or a hot wateer bottle helps. Try breathing exercises and stretching. A&E should not have said to you no don’t come until you see the neuro - they could certianly advise and give you stronger painkillers or give you something like baclofen (muscle relaxant) which can sometimes help. Try and keep calm - hard though it is when you can’t take a deep breath.

If you’re still worried and non of the above has helped take yourself to A&E - if you’re suffering and can’t breath they have to help - it’s not like you’re going there for a common cold!

Good luck



I’ve still got the boa around my ribcage. 7 weeks now. Although it does ease off by morning it is there again as the day wears on and worse at night. Stil can’t wear my bra’s! Only vest tops.

I had my neuro appointment on Wednesday last week and asked her about it but she just said it will be with me for a few more weeks yet and that was the end of the discussion about sid the snake I carry around with me everywhere.

I have no painkillers or muscle relaxants. I don’t think there is really much that can be done is there? I just presumed I was to just get on with it. Maybe I will see my GP in case there is something he can give me.

Hi Midnightmoon

Having read a few previous posts on the Hug and had it myself the length of time it lasts and how it feels does vary from person to person so how she can say it will go on for only a few more weeks is beyond me. They are reluctant to stick you on some of the relaxants as things like a diazepam can be addictive but certainly if it’s not going away and your finding it difficult to cope it is something you should discuss with your GP/neuro. In the mean time defo try some painkillers and stretching. It doesn’t work for everyone but anything is better than nothing.

Good luck



Thanks all, good to know its not just me!

The boa is still with me and I am feeding him chocolate to keep him happy lol

Reemz I tried my gp again and they still won’t budge and told me not to go to a&e as they wouldn’t help either so I am just dealing with it on my own At least I have the support here


nikki… might be a long shot… but! I was relapsing horribly whilst waiting to see neuro… kept phoning his secretary telling her hurry it up… and pretty much had to wait… BUT when I finally saw neuro and told him about the relapse he asked if Id had steroids… to which I answered no…

…what I didnt know… is that I should have just used the words ‘having a bad relapse’ and I would have been booked into ‘relapse clinic’ in a weeks time.

So maybe try phoning the neuro you are due to see… as long as you know his name hospital should be able to put you through to his secretary. Explain you think your having a bad relapse and that you cant cope and need to see someone pronto!

Good luck xx (let us know how you get on)

Thanks mrsp I will try that on Tuesday I have a direct number for his secretary so will see if it gets me anywhere. I really don’t think I can stand this for much longer. X

Let me know how you get on - good luck :slight_smile: x

I am sorry that you are having a hard time at the mo, I think that you should contact the neuros sec asap. Or if the boa gets really bad get to A&E once you are there they will have to take notice of you, and they may even be able to hurry up the appointment for you. They have a duty of care. Your GP should be able to give you something to, despite you having not seen your neuro or having a dx.

It is very difficult to stand your ground when you feel so bad, but we really need to.

You are not alone there are lots of us in the same boat and we support each other, but it is easy to feel alone with pain/symptoms. hugs