Please help?

Hi all, Hope you’re all having a good week? I’m hoping someone can help. Since Sunday I have been exhausted, I had a nap in the afternoon then went to bed early but I woke up Monday morning and burst in to tears I was so tired. I didn’t go to work and spent most of the day asleep. I went back to work yesterday but by 11.30 it hit me again, I was on the verge of tears I just needed to sleep, I went home early to bed. I didn’t go to work today and when I woke up I thought I was feeling a little better but it got to about 3pm and I needed to sleep. I had a 2 hr nap but I’m exhausted all over again, I dont know what to do! I had a busy month last month, I also have to commute to work and it is a busy office so I think this might have something to do with it. But does anyone have any tips? I feel bad for not being able to do anything. Should I contact my MS nurse to let her know? Would she be able to do anything? I’ve got neuro appointment next month and I’m trying to hold out for that. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of MS and don’t want to make a fuss about nothing. Sorry for the moan and long post, Thanks Em x

I also wanted to ask, since Thursday I’ve been getting palpatations like I’m suddenly aware of my heart beating. Is doesn’t last long and it’s only once or twice a day but is that normal?

Hi Em, Could you have a virus or infection of some kind? My daughter is off school feeling like this at the moment but also has a bad headache with it. She has been asleep all day and is still really tired and feels awful. She has no health problems so if you have a virus like this on top of ms i would think it would make you feel pretty bad. Could the palpitations be anxiety attacks with the stress of feeling like you do and needing time off work.? ms can of course cause fatigue which can be medicated but it seems strange it has come on all of a sudden unless you have a lot more stress at the moment. Hope you feel better soon. Teresa.x