Happy Sunday everyone - wishing you all a good day :D

It’s looking to be a nice day today here, hopefully that’s the same for all of you and you all get to enjoy it in some way.

I’m hoping to get myself washed and dressed and out of the door into the fresh air and sunlight, semi-confident that I’ll succeed. Might even go put the heater on in the bathroom once I post this, to move myself a step closer to my goal. I do count every little thing that I achieve as a positive, to try and offset everything that I’ve not managed. Got out of bed? First positive of the day!

The sunshine helps me feel that I should manage more today than just getting myself out of bed and putting my dressing gown on though, and I hope it has the same happy effect on all of you, too.

So enjoy your day! Anyone doing anything nice?

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The sun brings the best out of every one,enjoy your day.


Morning…just! Yes, it is a lovely day and Ive been.....thats always cause for celebraiton and good feeling!


Yes it’s lovely down here too has been for the last 3 days , husband hung some washing out even. I have been full of a really nasty cold so haven’t been outside to enjoy it much , more wiped out than usual but have still enjoyed the sun .

Bit early and cold for sunbathing so keep warm all and have a lovely week .


Poll, that totally is a cause for celebration, it’s always a milestone in my day, got to say!

I’ve not got myself washed and dressed yet - dummy here went and switched the bathroom radiator on at the wall, but didn’t flick the time switch from timed to on, so no heat…realised an hour later when I took some ironing up to put away…

But NOW the bathroom’s warming, AND I did that little bit of ironing.

I WANT to put the bins out and go to Iceland for a couple of things. I’m not going to manage to get bathed and dressed and out and do these things before my scheduled siesta time though, oh no!! But I’ll see how things go.

I’m feeling quite defiant right now and hopefully won’t just give up and lie down instead of getting any of these things achieved!

I’ve been to see the sea. The seafront was rammed with people. Even the ice cream shop was open. Loads of children on scooters and roller skates, dogs all over the place. 2 old men on motor scooters in their favourite place out of the slight wind (there’s always a few oldies on scooters just there, all wrapped up in blankets).

Plus us, me 'n the OH. Him pushing the wheelchair, me bundled up in warm coat & gloves plus blanket across my knees.

Tide was almost high, so a few waves and a little bit of noise as they hit the shingle beach. A fair few seagulls too, they like to loiter near to the fish n chip shop!

A lovely sunny day to live near the seaside.


Iceland? my 2 carers have just been there for a 4 night jaunt…they never saw the aurora borealis and that`s what they went for!


hee hee!

Poll, you distract me from what i want to type

poor carers missing the aurura borealis but did they see peter andre?

jelly sundae -

it’s lovely and sunny here although i’m feeling a bit chilly now.

i had arranged to take my dad and doreen (his partner) for a meal.

it was lovely, the food was great and the company was good.

how can anyone be in a bad mood when it is sunny?

carole x

Haha, Poll, I wish I could nip across to Reykjavik if the fit took me but sadly no, just the supermarket 50m up the road! Iceland (the country) is a truly fascinating place, even with my dislike of cold, and love of greenery, I’d still love to go there because its geography is so alien and fascinating compared to ours.

Are you around the Brighton/Eastbourne area then, Sue? Those are actually the only 2 places on the south coast that I know of that have shingle beaches so a not very educated guess from me there! Feel free to tell me to mind my own business if that’s revealing too much about your location, I’m just nosy.

Carole, you’re right! You’ve gotta work pretty hard at it to be a grump when it’s a lovely day at the weekend.

What a nice idea actually! That so many more people will be happy today because it’s been a nice day.

From the other side of Brighton, West Sussex rather than East. We still have shingle beaches. It’s only when you get to about Bournemouth that you start having beautiful long stretches of sandy beach (I think) although there are odd spots in between where there’s some sand. I have no idea why some places have stones and some have sand. I suspect it’s something to do with the English Channel, although on the France side there is mainly sand!!!

Mind you, we get the loveliest sea noise as it hits the shingle at high tide.