happy sunday

hi everyone, had a s**t week, am stuck in my chair as mobility is just a word to me and have been on diuretics for my fat legs - what joy, and blood pressure tablets that have given me horrendous muscle cramps so no sleep - aah.  BUT laid off the tablets for 2 days and manageable cramps so far, stood up for the first time in days and working towards maybe a few steps later in the day.  AND the sun is shining.............. have a good day everyone

Hi, yeh, baby steps, eh? You sound to be a good positive frame of mind. I think the sunshine helps a lot. But if it gets hot, I wilt!

Onwards and upwards eh?

luv Pollz

A very good day to you too.


Small steps in the beginning, then work on adding an extra one when you feel more confident.


How lovely to wish everyone a good day, youve made me smile (:o)