fingers crossed

well today is the first day since oct last year that i didnt wake up to stiff, achey and painfull legs, i didnt need my crutch to walk, so i went to mum n dads and did a top to bottom clean and cooked dinner, by the time 10pm hit i must say my feet were sore but not hurting like merry hell, so im really hoping that i will have another good day tomorow and the next day and the next after that, mum thinks i may get disapointed if its just a one off good day, but the way i see it is that one good day out of 6 months is better that no good days out of 6 months, so ill just enjoy it while it lasts

Sounds good - noticed you stayed up until midnight, maybe to see if you still felt fine today, Wednesday!! ha hope you do.

Jen x

ps clocks annoy me, it should read 00.00

should have kept my big mouth shut…got up this morning n my legs were killing me, out comes the tramadol, wobbly legs, pain, went shopping coz murphy needed his food n prawns n i spent more time sitting down than i did getting around, still cant moan, atleast i enjoyed a whole good day out of 6 months, so thats not bad, gotta smile