Allo my mateys!

Seem to be a few posts just recently, where folk are felling less than happy.

If it is due to a rotten relapse that just refuses to leave, or you`re suffering from flu or some other nasty bug, then can I try to bolster you up?

I am in a good place at the mo…even tho Ive had it rough of late myself!

I think I am getting my heel and tum pain sorted…thanks to good old pregabalin.

I am seeing my urologist on Wed and am hopeful for a good appointment.

I have clicked into the better/healthier eating mode. I dont want to come out of winter carrying an extra stone or two, as that`s not fair on my carers when they have push and pull me!

So, winter is almost upon us and we alter the clocks next week and dark mornings and nights will be there, no matter how much we hate them.

If you can, keep warm with extra woollies, a hot water bottle and a thicker duvet.

Drinking boozey liquids and stuffing our faces with excess stodge and the like may be yummy, but think about next spring and summer and being more comfortable and not fattened up, in the warm/hot days ahead.

There! ive done my bossy mummy stuff and hope no-ones fallen out with me.



Thanks Poll I needed that extra push to keep eating under control!!! You are so right.

I’ve realised how heavy I am for the poor bug£ers who push my manual wheelchair!

Have a good day honey-bun (affectionate term and not related to real food in any way!).

Pat xx

Very true - keep looking forward and before we realise it, the dark days of winter will be over, going to be a tough Christmas, as dad passed away this year and he loved Christmas…even though I’m not so keen, Easter is my favourite christian time to be honest…eat healthy and stay well…

glad to hear you are in a good place now Poll.

Its not stopped raining here in Derbyshire all day. There is no wonder we all feel a little down after all that sunshine this summer.

I feel miserable myself!

Redman - so sorry to hear about your dad. x

Im going now to look at my gas/electric bills to see if i can get it cheaper. Is it just me or does anyone else find it all difficult to understand? I don’t know where to start but as im on a standard tarriff i’m sure i’ll be able to reduce my bills. (hopefully)

Take care everyone


Thankyou for your replies.

Jennifer…yes, take that rest and sleep well. Having a cold, in a relapse, painting masterpieces, parents coming (do they know you have MS?), kids off school,…how can you take it easy? accepting any help that is offered. Yet your spirit sounds good. Good lass!

Teresa…did you find a cheaper supplier? we are on what is called the social tariff…no-one can beat that, hubby deals with it.

Redman…your 1st xmas without your dad…so sorry about that…raise a glass to him, yeh?

Pat…yeh, we have to think what the carers have to do indeed.

luv Poll

ps sausage and mash for tea…spuds are free on SW diet, sausages are counted as points…lovely winter food.

I managed to shave off about £30 a month from my monthly direct debit and have got the price frozen until 2015.

It was worth the hastle but oh i wish it was more straight forward. I’ve got a headache now trying to get my head round it all!!

Now i need to look at saving on my food bills - don’t know how i’m going to do that though unless i wire my jaws up!

Why all the cost cutting?..

well…my kitchen is looking a bit worse for wear and i really need to save up for a new one. I pulled out my cutlery drawer yesterday and the front fell off!

I’ve already had a new boiler installed this year so it will have to wait a bit.

My hubby is fantastic at DIY and keeps mending things!

Take care Poll


Yep…been quiet recently…none of the above apply…just utterly fed up…feel dreadful and this bloomin wound hurts like hell. Xx

i’m an aldi convert so when i have my trolley load of shopping from there i go to M & S for a luxury meal or two.

i must be a bi-polar shopper!

carole x

Ps…after a recent trip to Germany, I am a convert to Lidl…a trolley full last weekend cost £50 !! They do lovely fresh baked bread rolls for 15p each and their meat, fruit and veg is lovely too.

I think Aldi and Lidl are going to be the places i try. My food bill is getting so high its frightening!

At the moment i have my shopping delivered by tesco which is obviously convenient as i’ve been so ill recently but when i get a little stronger i will be able to get to the shops again. The closest lidl/Aldi to me are about a 20 min drive away.

I saw on the tv the other day that iceland are starting to do online shopping as well so might have a look at that as well and see what the delivery charges are.

Carole - you shop like me! I love m&S food and go for a few treats every now and then. I think i can cut my everyday foodstuff down a bit though. for e.g…my 9yr old son loves chocolate cookies but i don’t think he would notice a cheaper brand because they don’t even touch the sides!

Mrs H - i’m sending you a ((hug)) - it sounds like you need one! I hope you feel better soon. x


Hi Teresa, we updated the look of our kitchen by buying new doors and drawers fronts, worktops and white sink and chrome mixer tap. It made the place look brand new! It cost a lot less than a whole new kitchen. Unless the carcases are falling apart, why replace them!

luv Pollx

Yes i thought of that Poll but its not something i can do unfortunately.

Its difficult to explain but…my kitchen has some boxed in pipes which are done in the same texture/colour of the cupboards/drawers and its not possible to just change the cupboards without it looking a bit odd!

The extractor fan has broken as well and is now not made any more.

My kitchen is ready for the skip! lol!!

I better go and get a lottery ticket!