bad days :-(

Evening guys having few days and just needed someone to speak to how understands. I have a very supportive partner buthe doesnt 100% get it. Feels like an never ending rollacoster ride as soon as you are good you hit the bottom with a thump again so hard just getting up and trying again and again. Sorry for the depressed mode xx

Mate, you have nothing to apologise for - we’ve all been there,and no doubt will be there again.

Relationships with others who don’t fully understand is very common. It’s not surprising I suppose - I don’t think we can ever really relate to anyone else’s experience unless we’ve had a similar experience. I was ‘lucky’ in that my missus had chronic fatigue when she was a teenager often spending whole days in bed, so she can easily relate to how I feel.

I don’t really have much to say, other than that you’re not alone with us all.And be kind to yourself - don’t be hard on yourself, and do things that will nurture your soul (I know for me, one thing that’s always guaranteed to be good for me is to engage with nature somehow, whether it’s just sitting in a park, or listening to birdsong radio online, or gazing at the clouds & birds flying out of my window.

Take care


Hi Miss Pitistop,

As Dan says we all have good days and bad.

I woke up this morning I wondered if today was the day I couldn’t move my legs !!

But to my shock, NO it’s the cat, asleep on my feet !!

Every day is different, now itting having a much needed cup of coffee.

Yours, Ay

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Thank you guys and thsnk you welsh pony for the giggle x