Mood swings ....

Only been diagnosed now for the last 6 months, but been suffering for nearly 2 yrs, but having good days and bad days… left leg constant dullnes… terribly cold feet and problems with the toilet… tried drinking more… but still takes a while to go for a pee… spoke to nurse who suggested cafiter, but dont feel ready for that yet, know one day wont have any choice, but not yet… not hard a good year at all, been messed about with drs, physios and my head has been alll over the place, convinced myself I was better off without my hubby, but hey he’s still yer, but know now I cant push him too far, my mood swings get really bad, trying to be as positive as I can, but some days I just want to be on my own, sad init, I know he’s going through things as well, but people keep telling me oh you’re strong, you’ll be fine and some days I just dont feel strong and would like to say I’m not having a good day, HELP… sorry its not a good day 2day, got lots going on at the moment, back in work, house move, waiting for critical illness insurance policy to see if they’ll pay out, Keep telling myself take one day at a time… does anyone else get mood swings or is it just little old me?

It’s not just you, you’re not alone

L x

Hi there, I’m going through one today, normally I’m pretty positive but I just can’t get myself out of the doldrums today. I spend quite a lot of time on my own and quite honestly I love people but I like my own company, especially when I’m feeling so tired and useless, my daughter wonders why I go to bed so early, well some days you just have to put the world to bed and try again another day.

Take care



I have been dignosed for about 10 month now, i have good days and bad days… But i do wonder at time if its my MS causing this or is it actually depression? Feel free to pm me or reply if you have a opinion. Callum

I was diganoised in december last year and I have days like that all the time. And I have wondered why my hubby is still here and my teo boys put up with me. Alot of the time now I dont want to even go out of my front door casue I feel like everone is looking at me with my walking stick.

I have trouble with my doctors and I have been told by my neuro I could have been symptoms of MS since I was 16 (am now 31) and I just kept being told it was growing pains or it was my body getting used to working in a factory.

I keep being told that it will get better.

If you ever want a chat feel free to pm me and I’m always here.

Allie xx