moods swings

Hi there this is the first time I post , could anybody advise me how to deal with the swings of mood .I do all want I can to make the live of my wife easy but she is never pleased with whatever I do .

Hi lucien. I am sorry to read you are having trouble in knowing how to deal with your wife`s mood swings.

Has she been diagnosed with MS? If so, how long ago was it?

Do you think she is in denial about her condition?

It is difficult to offer advice, but I suggest you ask her to see her GP to discuss the problem, or for her to speak to her MS nurse.

Some people affected by any serious condition have a tough time coming to terms with it.


OOOOOh the mood swings lol yes hubby has them alot one minute happy, next shouting, crying, i think sometimes its frustration and wanting to do things for yourself and having to ask for help.Hubby is like a rollercoaster when he shouts i walk away and come back in 10 minutes when he is calm.We have not really had much help from gp with anything to do with this i have wrote to his neuro as hoping he will sort gp out have to wait and see.He was prescribed amitriptyline and tryed upto 70mg but it did not help so has stopped taking them. xxx julie