Hello fellow Msers hope you are as well as you can be.

The other day I woke up and felt normal (what ever that is) but as I started talking to my hubby my mood changed and I was horrid to him all day. Bless him he just took it. The next day I was fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? I apologised to him the next day and he replied, just forget it. He is such a lovely person.



Hi Janet

I think mood swings can be quite common. Having MS is a lot to deal with emotionally & psychologically. Even if we’re not consciously thinking about it or aware of it, we can still be carrying those emotions inside of us. So it’s no surprise that things can suddenly burst out. I guess it’s a bit like a pressure valve, and it needs to come out somehow.

Being quick to apologise is definitely a good plan - it’s really important to let people know it’s not them, but that there’s deeper stuff going on. It be helpful too to find ways to process stuff, even if we’re not strongly feeling anything, like talking with people or journalling. Or, as I’ve been known to do, just having a good kick & scream to get out any frustration/anger when the need arises :slight_smile:


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hi janet

i was completely vile after having the 3 day iv steroids.

i didnt know that i had so much anger in me and to direct it all at my husband was a little (?) unfair.

as dan said. you were quick to apologise which stops it from festering away.

ms is a bitch, makes you physically hampered, mentally too but also emotionally? not fair!

go and cuddle up to your lovely, understanding husband.

carole xx

Thanks to you Dan and Carole for taking the time to put my mind at rest, it’s a comfort to know I’m not going totally bonkers. I do feel quite angry at times and really very stupidly not put it down to dear ole ms.

Thanks once again




i just love a happy ending!

thanks for giving us one

carole xx

Hi Janet, if its any consolation, I find myself horrible, most of the time lately.Im having trouble coming to terms with my rapidly diminishing ability to manage almost everything at the moment!!! I know it wont be like this all the time,but everybody copping it.They have christened me evil edna, nice! Like you I am aware of it, we will return to normal service, I’m sure!!! Tracey x

Thank you for replying Tracey, it is such an up and down disease every day different. I really hope that very soon evil Edna goes away and back comes lovely Tracey.



Hi Carole pleased you liked the happy ending, did you cry, I always do at happy endings!!



Good morning to you all.

I have mood swings, my poor partner is normally on the receiving end of them.

I go from crying my eyes out saying nobody undertstands to shouting, screaming, stamping my feet and using a lot of very choice words claiming that nobody understands, I then come back to a level playing field and ask my partner do you fancy a cup of tea. Its almost as if nothing has happened!!! She just looks at me as if to say is that the bst you can do and says yes or no to a cuppa. This all seems to happen in a blink of an eye!!!

About 10 - 15 minutes later I have a big guilt rush and apologise profusely, only to be told dont worry about it, just give me a hug.

On one occasion, i did all that and got the shock of my life, my partner came back at me with both barrels (normally she has patience of a saint). Everything from the kitchen sink was thrown. In hind site, I probably didn`t realise what a pain in the a*** I was being and what effect my outbursts were having on her.

But we hold no grudges and just get on with it cos that is all you can do.