So I was diagnosed with RRMS in august seem to be ok most of the time but the mood swings I get are crazy, my irritation levels are bad, wondered if this is normal ? I know the common answer is no person is the same etc

I don’t know! I’ve read another post on here recently where another member is saying that there was a study which links inflammation in the brain to depression. So it could be part of that for you ? I’m having similar problems and it’s really getting me down. I think you should talk to your doctor and see what they say. I hope you feel better and in the meantime try to rest and do things that make you happy if you can. Stress is definitely bad for MS.

Hi, so I so get this, although I was diagnosed with SP, my mood swings can be bad, I think they were worse just before my 1st big attack, that’s going back 14yrs now, I would literally have a go at anyone that got on my nerves and I was quite aggressive, I’m not proud to say that, I even had a go once at a big builder in B&Q, my hubby said, " are you trying to get me a black eye, because it’ll be me he hits and not you", that made me stop and think. Thankfully there not quite as bad as that now, but when I’m in a mood, watch out, this tends to happen when my fatigue is really high, I’ve learnt this now and try my best to curtail it, so you’re not on your own.

Jean x

Hi Jean, yeah I can imagine I would get myself into this kind of situation and I never used to. I’m glad it’s passed for you and that you know how to recognise it. I have a young baby so I can’t really rest when I want to and I have to run a household and work from home at the same time with basically no support. So I’m not surprised I lose it sometimes. I am fatigued.

Honestly I’m not proud of it…it’s like this range would just come over me . Ah Jackie you’re safe now…honestly and EmilyR, I still don’t always get it right, now’s its my poor hubby that gets my moodiness, but not to the point of the burly builders, take care all.

Jean x

Hi Philld, as you are so newly diagnosed, it will still be all so very raw and difficult to assimilate.

*I would put this down to the reason you are having such moods. If you dont feel you can cope as time moves on, perhaps have a word with your GP.

Perhaps a mild mood leveller will help.