Mood change


Just wanted to ask you guys some advice really about moods. Can Ms affect our moods?? I feel like I have CBT and also feel like I’m constantly irritable and annoyed by things. Is this usual or am I just having a few bad weeks???


Yes definitely. I went through a very manic stage, dont know if it was depression because of my new diagnosis or in fact neurological damage which is feasible too.

Its a common ms symptom, elation and depression, both at the same time sometimes.

Elation is better than having a drink at the pub, but the depression can sure make one feel like living on the edge of a precipice, not knowing when things will improve.

Id try CBT, it helped my son when he went through a depressive period last year. In fact he would recommend it to anyone, sometimes we need help to see life in a more balanced way, thus mood altering.

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My moods are horrendous, even my other half has said to me how bad they are now I have MS. I get very annoyed about pointless things constantly…which also annoys me!!! :-/


Always had problems with mood, even before I was diagnosed but don’t know if one aggravates the other … chicken or egg lol

I am so horrible some days, everything annoys me, my hubby stood up to me the other day and asked me if I was really talking to someone I love, made me think, but its frustrating when you can’t do what you want, or are too tired to get things in order. I stress a lot more about things too, then when i ask him if he is worried he tells me he is but I can stress more than enough for the both of us. Says she who is currently trying to organise moving house without a single bit of input from him as he works away for 4 days at a time.

Yes! My moods can be really crap these days. Sometimes I feel I need to go on an anger management course or something as the slightest things really annoy me and I have little patience.

It took me a while to make the connection, but I get low moods after a dose of steroids. Now I know it is down to them I find it a lot easier to deal with as there is a reason. Other times though it is really frustrating.

Hi I can have horride moods the heat makes it worse. I never get agitated, but on Monday everyone and everything did!!! Even noise I was in a right mood, and crying too this is because I dont know whats going on at the moment, and its very hard to deal with.

My poor husband :frowning:


I had a complete personality change about 2 months ago. I went from a very laid back person with a great sense of humour into a raving banshee. I would completely fly off the handle at the smallest thing, and my language…my cheeks are glowing at the thought lol. But I honestly felt like I was going mad! And then it stopped. I am my normal self again now, and I would really hate for it to happen again Hopefully your mood will brighten soon too x

yes my mood swings are unpredictable. sometimes i get so frustrated with myself for no apparent reason.

on the bright side of things i can get back at the wife for the years of bad moods she had with PMT hahaha