Do your moods affect your relationships?

Anyone out there with MS who can say that their moods heavily affect their significant others or family? As in mood swings, changing from happy to sad very quickly?

My partner started Tecfidera a few months ago and I feel it has completely changed his mental health.

hiya bb

this is a difficult one! ms changes alot of things and would be easy to blame it for most but adjusting to a major change is the biggest issue-its huge to get your head around. i have had ms 12 years-my and my family never stop learning about living with this cr*p! its not easy but honesty is best.

i spent the day with my 11yr old nephew yesterday-great time and he will hopefully through spending time with me be a well adjusted adult?! i say this because i really struggled to talk yest and most words came out as gobblydegook! intitially he was worried but we talked about my ‘brain farts’ and he was laughing with me by the end of the day! he (and others have witnessed these before but not often someone spends all day with me)

i dunno how much help that is for you but communication is the key which i appreciate may be hard-probably harder with adults-but ms affects u too.

take care, ellie


I completely agree with Ellie about communication. It really is the answer to a lot of problems. However, don’t overlook the possibility that the medication itself is causing behavioural aberrations.

Ask your GP, MS Nurse or neurologist about alternatives.

I was taking a drug, a while back, that turned me into a hideous man, but I haven’t heard of anyone else having a reaction to it.

Best wishes,


there’s a difference between ‘mood changes’ and ‘mental health’ issues.