Moody Mash

hi all, is anyone taking anything for mood swings? i used to be a very calm person but now i get mad easily over nothing nowadays,and then nearly crying if cant open a jar! I feel like a ghost watching myself from above because i know its not like me.

I should add im not depressed,more like a lesion is acting on the emotional part of my brain,which being a man i imagine the chances of one finding that area is quite small!!!

Hi moody i am having a crap day too just cant seem to see any good in the day or life in general , never used to be such a negative person but i can not cope today and snapping at other half is not really helping me feel any better or him . Depression my doc says and i have tried talking therapy and can see that it is not my fault all the time that i cannot do all the things i used to but how is knowing that supposed to help me deal with things. Sorry for the waffle i suppose what i am trying to say to you is perhaps Depression could be the cause of how you are feeling.

Take care and know you are not alone. Katy

hi Katy,thanks for the reply-crap day is a good way to describe it/or crap weekl.Have had depression before so dont think its that-its more like an incredible hulk rage because i cant do what i used to do.Or it cud be who knows-was wondering if ms related? anyway hope you have a better weekend and take care

ps in the earlier post i meant to say any-one finding that area (made me sound like royalty)


i have bad emotional lability. but extreme laughing and crying i can cope with. i find its more frustration rather than anger that i now deal with. but then you have to find a way of dealing with frustration! i do that by acknowledging that i am no longer wonder woman and accepting theres things that i simply cant do any more! that looks easy when written down! i know it isnt but whats the alternative? being an angry, frustrated, horrible person who then finds themselves alone on top of everything else?!

yes it may be down to a plaque (or several, mine is) but your mind is stronger than your daft brain! i am not frustrated ALL the time-tho it may feel like it. i break my time into 15 min slots when i am struggling-much easier to manage.

hope it either settles or u find your way of coping, whatever that may be.


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hi ellie,its all new to me,i keep waking up thinking-what u going to hit me with today? getting new symptoms everyday.I have tried slowing down but its still getting me.I think ive devloped a new face,its a dumbfounded,puzzled look staring blankly at simple tasks…have to read these posts three times cos i read it and it wont go in anymore,.

thanks for the advice

I tend to agree with Ellie, it’s frustration. I try and minimise everything I need to do in order to do it, and then when one thing goes wrong, you just lose the plot, coz you can’t cope I suppose.

in the olden days (pre MS) I used to blame the planets, if you think about it ey have the power to move whole oceans of water, and we humans are quite a lot liquid I think. And generally if you were having a bad day, many others were too. I am today, feel like I’m trudging through treacle and getting very little done.

take it easy mr caramel and all will be good, haven’t even had a drink yet…

hiya again mash (brill name btw!)

i have had this ms malarkey for several years. now use powerchair, speech and lability issues, double incontinence blah blah blah.

i share this with you why?!

i was a psychiatric staff nurse for 10 years but NOTHING could have prepared me for this! what i do know for sure that the way to cope with this on an hourly/daily basis is to keep the mind strong no matter what the body is throwing up at you.

i find the meditation helps greatly. i dont have all the answers-who does?!

please feel free to read some of my other replies on this site. feel free to question or ignore!

we all have different needs and i feel its important to share experiences then folk can choose whether to take onboard some suggestions-or ignore.

you have the power!

thanks ellie and slug its good to speak to people that dont run a mile when i start to talk about ms/symptoms…lol

so this emotional liability thingy dosent improve then? I never really understood people that cried at films but now i fear i will never be able to watch watership down ever again!!!

i miss my emotional lability.

it stopped when i started taking an anti depressant, following a bad case of roid rage after iv steroids.

yes i miss it.

hadn’t realised at the time that i shouldn’t be enjoying a symptom.

carole x