Allo gang!

Been feeling down since my cruise. Didn’t tell you some thing that happened soon after.

But I feel I can now.

I sacked one of my carers who accompanied me on the holiday. This was someone who upset me a couple of years back and I did post about it at the time. I kept her on against my better judgement, because she is my sister’s best mate. My sister is also one of my carers. Some of you may recall the problem at the time. I wanted to go to Spain and she upset me by saying I am too fat to fly! She is my size and does take foreign holidays!

So getting back to now.

During the cruise, which I paid for, she continued to be heavy handed when using the portable hoist, and hurt me. I asked her to be more careful, but all she said was that she was doing her best! Another day she pulled so hard on my catheter, that I thought it was coming out. Blood flowed into the urine bag. Oh it did chuffin hurt!!!

Then in Amsterdam I saw a bakers I could actually wheel in to. I wanted a strawberry tart but she followed me in and told me I couldn’t have it as it was near lunchtime. And I certainly wasn’t going to eat a bun in the street! Honestly, I felt like a naughty little girl!!

Other things occurred eg; I wasn’t allowed to go to a show I wanted on the ship, as she preferred a different one! Another day she kept saying how exhausted she felt. She made me feel awful when asking for help. She didn’t share any of my toiletting and showering and left it all to my sis. Sis let her get away with doing as little as possible.

Who paid for her trip? Me!!!

So I decided to let her go and rang her to discuss my reasons why. I didn’t get very far, as she put the phone down on me, after asking, ‘Can I still go on holiday with you?’

You can guess my reply. Chuffin cheek!

But tonight I am much cheered, as I’ve just had a call from an old pal, who I haven’t seen for 21 years!!! She’s coming to see me tomorrow!!!



Have a good night all!

Good on you Poll, so glad you feel cheery tonight, have a great time with your pal tomorrow and don’t give that uncaring carer another thought !

Go girl !!!

Ell xxx

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Poll you did the right thing letting her go, she was no ‘carer’ she really wasn’t.

J x

well done Poll - no one needs bullies around them!


surely to be in any way effective, a carer has to care about the person somewhat as well a caring for the person.

In my opinion, you did the right thing.


Exactly, Derek.

A carer has to care about the person as well as the condition.

Poll, Your last telephone conversation with her says everything.


Dear Poll

You already know what I think about sacking the woman who just doesn’t ‘care’.

I hope you’re having a lovely visit with your old friend.

Sue x

I was going to quote your post, but wot for!!

she mite be ya sisters best friend, but is ya sister her best friend??

me thinks not!! some folk’s eh!!! maybe pseudo convenient or a freeloader!!

good luck Poll,


Blimey Poll, she sounds like a right sort, what does your sister think of her “best mates” childish, selfish and lazy behaviour? You absolutely made the right decision.

well done poll!

cheeky mare bossing boudicca about.

carole x

Hi Poll

Sorry to hear of your troubles - employing anyone can be difficult but those offering personal support it seems to raise other problems.

For others who my be considering employing PA’s Sheffield City Council has an area about employing personal assistants which is really good - and also offers training courses - I would expect other agencies, councils etc to have something similar - if you google ‘Sheffield City Council employing a personal assistant’ it should come up in your search.

Hope you haven’t been left short handed and you have the support you need.