bouncing back!

Evening all! After feeling pretty rotten and down a few days ago, I thought I`d report in to say how I am feeling now.

This morning, I was lying in bed, waiting for my morning carer, whilst sis (also a carer for me and she sleeps over once a week, to give hubby a break) was flitting round the house with a duster and a mop, I just said to myself, Arent I lucky!`

I thought, Ive got all this lovely help, hubby is making some alterations to our campervan to keep up with my ever decreasing disability, daughter and granddaughters are coming tomorrow to celebrate Mr Fix-its birthday and my bowels are behaving well once again!!!

So yes, I am counting my blessings. More blessings come when all my friends on here spur me on out of the darker days. I do appreciate you, you know! My motto is I may be broken, but Im still here!`

You can all borrow it, if you like!

much luv, Polly xxx

hi poll

so pleased for you.

i agree its far better to count your blessings than bemoan what we have lost.

the camper van sounds great fun and having bowels that behave well is more of a blessing than i ever would have thought.

i may be a bit tatty and bits are hanging off but i’m still here too

carole xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Poll So pleased you are feeling more positive again. You are a real inspiration to us on here. I enjoy reading your posts and your advice to us all. Thank you and hope your bowels behave!!! :wink: Take good care Linda x

Well that was a post that put a great big smile on my face …

Thanks for that Poll. Your positive attitude spreads far and wide.

Pat x

Dear Poll,

This is such good news for you. I know how important ever little blessing is, no matter how teeny, and in our position it makes much better sense for us to stack up all the positives. Good luck to you Poll. and may the sunny days stay with you!

love from,


Hi Poll

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, onwards and upwards girl.


So glad you are able to count your blessings Poll! You certainly cheered me up as I’m feeling sorry for myself atm. Have a lovely time with your daughter and granddaughters tomorrow and enjoy hubby’s birthday! Love Teresa xx

Thanks guys! We had a bbq lunch today and daughter no2 made a fab cake in the shape of 2 cornish pasties, with a fondant figure of her dad in the was so like him!! ! Cake was gorgeous too. I am stuffed now and back to the diet tomorrow.

No 1 daughter is flying over the atlantic on her way to Cuba for a much needed hol.

yep, today`s another good day!

luv Pollx

You’re a brave girl and an inspiration … Keep going Love, Karen

Hi Poll

Glad to hear that you had a good day. How far do you get in your campervan? I would love one but probably wouldn’t go far just around local scenery. Way weather is here at maybe I should look at boats. Keep on trucking


Yvonne xx