black cloud is at last starting to lift

Hallo me homies!

Throughout this year, ive faced new problems and challenges. As you know, I always do me utmost to rise above it all and keep cheerful. I sometimes use laughter to disguise my true feelings. I reckon its easier to laugh than it is to cry.

I haven`t been able to actually cry for myself for several years now. But I do so quite readily for others here, on tv or on the terrible news stories.

The things that are to blame for my down time are;

chuffin big toenails that keep ingrowing, need attention and surgery is calling. I keep putting off making that commitment, as my spc isnt properly settled yet. I cant cope with post op pain in another region yet awhile.

Then my loss of weight bearing/standing strength was a blow.

Hubby telling me, after much coercion, that holidaying with me isnt a holiday for him anymore, hit me hard.

Yeh, I know I am lucky in that my carers take me for a break now.

There`s a big family problem, going on too, which is upsetting me, but I prefer not to air it here. I talk about it with my carer, sister and hubby. They tell me none of it is my fault and not to fret about it. What mum can do that easily, I ask you? Yes, it is to do with my daughters.

So we`re off to Filey on saturday for some kiss me quick humour and a good feed of all things chocolate and gooey!

Who wants a stick of rock bringing back?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Have a great time - we will miss you loads here. All we want bringing back is you safely.

I think we would all agree that your good advice and humour when you have so many problems of your own is amazing. Long may it continue.


  • on second thoughts I’ll have the stick of rock after all. hehe

Bless you Poll, I often talk about you to my husband about your optimism and humour and remind myself of it when I’m feeling sorry for myself about one thing or another. Pain makes me grumpy and miserable and I have a weep every now and again but if I could have even half of your strength of character and outlook on things, I would be a better person than I am. It’s good that you can talk to people close to you about your family issues, and what mother doesn’t worry about their children, my mum still frets about me and I’m 50!!! I’m sure my hubby feels the same way about me and holidays, we used to love our holidays abroad but now we are resigned to maybe trying some holidays a lot closer to home, also walking any distance is now a problem when we used to walk for miles so he has had to change his enjoyable pursuits now to adapt to my problems. Sometimes I think he resents it but he says differently. Who knows… Anyway, you have a great time in Filey and make sure you’re back in time for Strictly! Anne-Marie xx

Hi Poll

Like you, I try to be cheerful and laugh about it - but there are times when it gets tough and it’s more difficult to do that! I have the odd few tears, mostly out of frustration but the news will upset me very easily so I know I’m probably a bit fragile.

Sorry to hear you’ve been going thru a tough time on top of the physical stuff - it’s funny, everything seems to have gone a bit quiet since I was diagnosed, I have a sneakly feeling I’m maybe being sheltered a little :wink:

I’m so glad you feel the cloud is starting to shift and it sounds like you’ve got a fab weekend lined up.

Hope you have a wonderful time.

Sonia x

Ay oop,Poll.That’s quite a few pieces of poo you’re dealing with,but you’ll come through it in fine style as per usual.The view from Filey may put a different complexion on things,and make sure it’s just kiss me quick, and does all that choc choc come with the option of Insulin?


Steve x

Ooh Poll, I really feel for you, you are always so busy giving others advice on here. The Filey trip sounds just what is needed when you feel so down. Have a great time away and come back feeling ready for what life throws at you as you do so admirably! luv Linda xxx

Hey Poll,
I really don’t have anything intelligent to say, but I am one of the ones on here who are cheered regularly by your posts. So here is some hand holding for your down times and big hugs to get you back up there again.
Much love
Angela xx

I can’t say anything constructive either but just wanted you to know that I care, am sending mahoosive hugs and all my very best thoughts for a Fabulous Filey Fling !!! Catherine Xx

Poll, you are an inspiration to a great many people on here and you always do your best to give great advice and a bit of a chuckle. That must be quite a burden sometimes, we all need to complain or cry or feel sorry for ourselves. Please don’t feel that you can’t be down or just moan because it is not what people expect from you, you deserve to be held up the way you hold everyone else up. I hope your holiday gives you a little boost and lifts your mood. With hugs Linda x

Hey Poll xxx you were one of a couple of wonderful people who helped me so much when I first came on here for some advice - around a year & a half ago now!

You truly are an angel - an inspiration to us all and I hope Filey knows how lucky it is to be having a visit from you!!!

Ah, now I am filling up…so many bolstering comments and loveliness from my wonderful cyber family! Actually I have met and spoken to a few friends here in real life! So it`s not really that cyber!

It makes me smile to know my words have helped and caused a titter or two, to those needing a boost or a laff. i love to laff. My sis, carers and I are all on the same daft, but often rude (oooh Matron!) wavelength!

This weeks jaunt to Filey is for a whole week...............not just a day or weekend trip, so therell be giggles a plenty.

We were laffing tother day when talking about past birth control.........I know, quite scandalous innit? I was recalling my hubbbys and my courting days. I said we used to use a pesticide called Rendells…of course that caused hoots and screams because what I meant to say, was spermicide…hope this word doesnt get filtered! If it does youll all wonder what the chuff Im yakking on about!

Wb…the choccy stuff doesnt interfere with my insulin as I aint diabetic, but sis is! Im having a cholesterol test tomorrow…good job it is before the hols!

Ill be here today and tomorrow, so Ill be hovering around the boards a bit yet.

much luv Pollx

Hi Poll Sounds like you are feeling a bit better, it must be the thought of a week long giggling session!! It will do you good, you sure deserve it. Look after Popeye, hinny!!! Have a fab time much love Linda xx

Hi Poll, Sorry to hear that you’re feeling down - you do well to disguise it a lot of the time! I hope you enjoy your break and eat lots of gooey, chocolate things! I hope your daughters manage to sort out their problems - you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about that! Take care, Teresa xx

Hi Poll

You have a wonderful attitude and you always manage to offer words of wisdom and comfort to the rest of us despite having more than enough of your own problems.

If anyone deserves a break and a few laughs, then it’s you. Filey is a lovely little place and it’ll be all the more special for a week when it’s lit up with one of our very own stars.

Have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing all about it in your own inimitable style

Tracey xxx

Chin up and Boobs out, Poll, and when that fails, chocolatey gooey stuff and a holiday sounds brilliant.

But even more importantly don’t feel that you always need to be the one to be holding it together and supporting others on here. We are all here for you if you need multitudes of shoulders for a good old cry and unburdening…

Hope you feel brighter soon and have a lovely week away,

B xxxx

Thankyou Linda, Teresa, Tracey and Belinda!

More kind heartfelt words of nicenss from you, makes me feel well loved!


Every time I read your posts Poll, I always think of your anthem on “Horrible Histories”.

(If you don’t know what I’m babbling on about, you can see the clip here

Have a great break! You are one feisty miss, Boudica - Filey had better watch out!