pep talk

Hi all. hope this doesnt take too long or too much correcting, with the current forum problems.

This past 2/3weeks have seen me in very low moods. I have been beating myself up about being disabled. My temper hasbeen aimed at my totally useless legs. They are fat, lumpy, pale and ugly!

You may have seen an earlier post of mine,askin if anyone knew of Chalfont Line coaches.u

I found them after googling coach holidays for wheelies. I felt I had found the ideal solution!

But no! Although Chalfont is still on the web they cesed trading 5 years ago!!!

I`m over my tantrums now!

One of my carers has given me a good tallking to…she is right…I have to stop aiming for what Icant obtain and enjoy what I can, I know!

Still got the ugly legs…and my size 8 plates of meat, which Im always banging and dismantling shop fittings with...but without em I would slip out of my wheelchair!!

Hey-ho, onwards and upwards, eh?

luv Pollx

hi poll

dont know what to say but please get back to your old happy self.

we all need to hear about your adventures again.

you’ve been dealt a cr*ppy hand but you have great carers and you have the ability to get giddy and laugh a lot.

rotten how the disappointment from the coach firm has had a knock on effect on you.

but there will be a coach firm somewhere for you.

carole x


a big hug from me.

ellie X

Hi Poll

I am sure your legs are not as fat, lumpy, pale and ugly as you say. Get that fake tan on them I reckon. That hides all sorts of things. That’s what I do anyway.

Stop beating yourself up and just remember how many of us luvs you. Your personality alone just lifts us all and I wish we could do the same for you.

You are a star and don’t you chuffin forget that.

Now get on and write that story to get published. We could see you on Breakfast/This Morning etc etc all dolled up. Now that’s a good thought!!


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I remember posting a comment on that particular post Poll-I think I left you a link.

Reading the funny and uplifting messages you write to people Poll, tells me you are a lovely person that cares about people…I’m missing your stories

We all get down at times, no matter how positive we usually are.

I think you are a beautiful person, even with your size 8 plates of meat


Noreen x

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Hugs from me too Poll, it sounds like you have a good friend in your carer. We all need someone to give us a good talking to now and again. I haven’t been a forum member very long but you always come across as a brave and gutsy lady, I’m sure you will deal with this setback with the vigour you usually show.

Take care and I hope you find a coach company to suit you soon.

Jan xx

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Hi Poll, I am sending you lots of love and hugs, you have picked me up on many occasions. You are always so positive and look on the bright side, you are really strong. I don’t think I will ever forget your tails of the firemen. You have given me so much strength. You have been having a tough time and I hope your adventures return soon. Your carers seem really good to you. Take care of yourself Barney

O luvs, pass the kleenex…your luvly replies make me feel better and lovd from afar. Yes, i do have 4 gorgeously caring carers.

about writing abook…not got the stamina or concentration for it…oh I do wish this forum woud fix itself, as it takes an age to type and correct owt! I would reply to more. r others still finding the same?


Yes poll, I’m still struggling with the typing. Sometimes when I go back to correct, it starts deleting all the letters in front-if you know what I mean

Oh Poll, sorry you are feeling low, sending you ((((hugs)))) to try and help.

Your carers sound lovely, take that as positive and try to build from that thought. Everyone will be sending you good vibes, as you are the one that cheers everyone up with your magical adventures.

I still do struggle with the forum sometimes, and wonder if that is the reason it doesn’t seem to be so busy now. Take care hunny.

Pam. X

allo. just been looking at a fab idea…a luxury cottage, with hot tub WITh hoist! owaboutdatden? 9 miles from Blackers, so perfetlyy do-able for moi! might book it…



Go for it Poll - sounds lovely and just what you need. You look after yourself

Sounds lovely Poll - you deserve a treat.

As for your size 8’s - this will make you laugh - I am 5ft 7 and for years i always wore size 7. Then I lost a bit of weight and my shoes kept falling off. It turns out I am a size 5!!! With a triple E width!!! I have tiny square feet!!!

Have you have a good hol sweetie

JBK xx

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