Can I moan?

Is it ok if I just grumble? It’s a beautiful day and I’m not doing badly, but I’m sick of looking on the positive side and relying on others’ good will. I used to be an independent and competent person, now I rely on timeous and cumbersome scooter or crutches of wheelchair to get anywhere, and other people to do little things. It’s SO frustrating. I can no longer pop out or just fit this in, everything has to be planned and organised.

im sorry to many others out there who are even less able than me, I know it’s not that bad, but I’m just fed up with cheerily getting on when I’d rather be howling at the moon!


Howl away. The glass might be half-full, but it remains nevertheless half empty and it didn’t use to be and there is absolutely nothing good about that. Making a good life and making the best of things does not oblige one to be Pollyanna all the time (or I hope it doesn’t). I think we can cut ourselves a bit of slack now and again and admit that the bits that are poo are poo!

I hope that tomorrow is a better day.


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Alison, thanks for your words. Pollyanna I am not but excellently put. The day has not been too bad really, just feel like everyone else has a life and it’s passing me by. I know this isn’t true but it seems I don’t do a whole lot, just getting through the day is effort enough, maybe I will find some of the kid’s choccy…enjoy the rest of your day xx

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Allo love. Course you can have a moan if it helps…or even if it don’t!

We all have those times, when there’s nowt you can actually say has happened. Its just day after day of struggle, compromise and asking for help. A pain in it?

Like you, my former body did whatever I wanted it to, without stalling, falling or needing anyone’s help.

Love Pollx

Moan away , we all have days like this, on friday hubby returned he works out of London and we live in Glasgow, felt like a moan told hubby it will pass, he said to me on sunday are you ok , i said yes there is worse off than me, back to plodding and i used to be called the road runner ah well could be worse

Good evening and thanks for comments, Poll I like the ‘former body’, makes perfect sense. I do think that I dream I’m mobile, albeit I don’t often remember dreams, but on occasions have woken up and definitely been running, walking or some such, which is a bit odd…

Bananas and evaporated milk have helped no end. I’ve noticed many of mood improvements are food related, this is probably not a good thing.

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hi slug

you have a good moan and eat bananas with evaporated milk.

that sounds a bit yummy. i have bananas but no evaporated milk alas!

the best things in my life are good friends.

they remember me at my best and treat me as they always have except they steady me when i wobble.

ah well, tis what it is and all that.

if you want a pity party i’m up for that but can we have cake?

carole xx

Hi Slug

I think I will join you in a good moan.

I haven’t been feeling well since I came back from my holiday on Saturday.

I managed to get dressed for a few hours yesterday afternoon.

Oh well, at least I’m eating again.

Onwards and upwards


It won’t make you feel any better, but you sound a lot like me, so may I join you in that moan?

Sometimes I can’t quite believe this is happening to me, and I wonder what I, or any of us actually, did to deserve this.

Love 'n hugs xx

Flowerpot, t’ain’t no use wondering what we did to deserve our condition, 'cos you know what? There ain’t no answer to that question. Besides look how many really nasty people are on their two legs, leading pretty healthy lives, innit?

Nah, use your brain energy in better ways darling!

Luv Pollxxx

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Hello all, thanks for joining in grumpy howling, helped tremendously.

Today I am feeling a whole lot better mentally, a little whinge does help and I think clears the air. Been out enjoying the sun, and did have a little cake so all good. My poor son has sunburn!!! Factor 50 and hat in April, crikey.

enjoy the day people xx

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Good to hear you feel better today! X

Thank you Poll, hope Blossom feeling a bit more chirpy, and did you get anything nice to eat Carole?

Flowerpot this is life, one we did not choose, but our very own little life buddy, your absolutely right. Hope you feeling a bit more fab today. Fab-u-lous dahling or are you not a strictly fan?

dont know why responding individually, coz you all helped and hope your all good xx

No, not a strictly fan. The sun is shining, I’ve had my hair cut and coloured and the legs are marginally more co-operative today.

Back to my more positive persona