Time to count my blessings!

I’ve not been my usual positive determined self of late. I’ve been mourning my loss of independence and my old life.

I’ve been p’d off with the daily battles of just living, and bemoaning the fact that I can’t get any help or support from the NHS or local authority. I am annoyed and bitter about it, but I’m not going to let it take over my life the way it has in recent weeks and months.

It’s nine years since my diagnosis, I was given false hope with a label of “mild”. It might not be as aggressive as some of you are experiencing, but it is significant. I have no neurologist and no MS nurse and feel like the NHS has abandoned me.

But, no one wants to spend time with a whinger who is only concerned with the things I can no longer do - and they are many.

So, from today I count only my blessings.

  1. We might not be wealthy but we are not poor. We can pay the bills and live a little.

  2. I feel well, I’m not in pain and people often tell me I look well (am I not meant to I wonder?)

  3. My husband has taken on the role of carer, and the extra work (.stuff I can’t do any more) with good humour and mostly without complaint.

So, as of today NO MORE MOANING. Feel free to remind me of this post if ever I’m back having a witter!


Aw, this made me well up a little. Hi, I’m Jackie, we’ve not met yet as I only joined yesterday. :slight_smile: Don’t beat yourself up for the times when your situation overwhelms your ability to be positive. Life’s dealt us all a blow and it can be tough to handle, learning to find the positive in things does help though, I try to do this myself (though it’s SO much easier to point out the positives in other people’s situations, than it is to do the same for your own…)

But please don’t feel that you can’t have a good moan, I mean, you’re a Brit, right? Moaning’s like some constitutional right, I believe. Your citizenship may be rescinded if you stop. Joking aside though, you do sound like you’re beating yourself up a bit…I want to say more, but brain’s not being compliant, it’s hoarding those words and not letting me have them, so fair enough, I’ll just post this then!


Oh bless you flowerpot!!! how uplifting,you’ve my day Tracey x

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See, look at that! You’ve improved two people’s days already. So no need to be down on yourself :smiley:

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sounds like we are in the same place hun.

You moan as often as you like. Good days we can cope with eh but bad days we all need a moan.

Why don’t you have a neuro or MS Nurse? That is so wrong. It is handy to discuss any symptoms you want explaining if only by phone.

Shazzie xx

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That’s my mantra too but it slipped a bit last week when I had a massive meltdown. A house move with all the stress that involves, family problem and the PIP interview all contributed. Got up this morning and said much the same as you did. Oh! and the diet starts again.

We mustn’t beat ourselves up too much we ARE allowed to moan.

Mags xx

Hi Flowerpot

Just wrote a long post but it sound more depressing than uplifting, so deleted it!

And in stead I’ll just say I hope you’re enjoying the same lovely sunshine that we are having here.

I’m sat in bed at the moment as I wore myself out spending two days in a row visiting/being visited by grandchildren, which was well worth it! Out my window I can see how green and lush (overgrown!) the garden is and how busy the birds are

Teddie xx

Awwww Flowerpot - we all have our ‘moaning’ times don’t we? But you’ve come out the other side and are counting your blessings, which is so good to hear. I’ve been struggling and feeling down quite a bit recently, but the last two or three days feel like I’ve ‘turned a corner’ and can cope again… so just wanted to send a hug, 'cause I’m coming from a similar place right now.



Flowering if you can’t moan on here among like minded folk it would be a poor do. We know first hand the cr@p that is MS virtual high fives all round


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Hi flowerpot,

I wanted to say thank you for your post, as you have given me the courage to join this forum and make my first post (apologies if I get it wrong, but it is the first time I have ever done anything like this!!!)

I too had been feeling really low, but after reading your words, I took a look around me and realised that I too should count my blessings.

I hope you are having a nice day.

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Eeee Flower, you as well as any of us, are allowed a well deserved moan.

We are only human, despite being told we look well, have a good positive outlook and attitude etc.

Yes, not all in our lives is horrid, just some of those pesky things we can do nowt about!

Even Battling and bolshy Boudica cries sometimes.