Thank you all

Happy Boxing Day/Saturday to all of you

i was going to write a woe is me thread because I feel like I’ve had enough, that I just want to give in and accept defeat against this shitty thing. I’m sick of my poor kids looking at me with pity and wishing I could be more energetic and be able to do more. I am so so sick of not being able to look after myself or do very much etc etc. I’ve been a stranded whale too many times and I don’t want help I just want to do, but heh

but then I’ve read a few posts on here, and realise that it’s just life. Everyone has their own stuff. So although I still feel like crap, I want to thank you for honesty, caring, advice, listening, fantasy football updates and the odd funny as your just about keeping me sane xxx


Hope you had a great day Slug.

Jan x

Life is like that. Full of poo, but then you realise that we’ve all got our own variety of uselessness to deal with and amazingly it makes you feel a bit better. I don’t mean in a “at least I’m not that bad” sense, more like a “yup, we all have different crap to deal with, so I’d better just get on with mine”!!

Sometimes, just the act of writing down how useless you feel actually has the effect of making you feel a bit better.

I hope we all have a better 2016 than 2015. For me at least, it’s been a rotten year, waiting to start Tecfidera, feeling rubbish on its for ages, having to stop it, relapses, holidays not being quite right and having to cut them short, disability getting slowly worse but by bit. Oh and my lovely husband having his prostatectomy due to prostate cancer. (He’s ok now!)

So roll on new year.


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Allo guys!

Yep, it sure is the pits having to depend on others for the majority of our needs. I get down about it too. But it is what it chuffin is and we must continue to carry on. Just think how sad and bad our families would feel if we did away with ourselves. They`d feel guilty they didnt know how low we felt.

Keep trying darlins…were all here for each other and if just 1 reply can lift us, no matter how small, then thats another hour/day passed.

luv Pollx


it can be hard to be positive when the continuous crappy stuff grinds us down, but it is possible to find the nugget of joy from a smile or a comment or a memory. I often find a gem of a comment here that lets me change direction when I am feeling down.

I hope you get to feel a bit better soon.

All the best Mick


perfectly put. I am forever saying that we each have our own “stuff” to deal with, but it is reassuring that we are not the only one.

All the best to you and your husband for a good / better / less bad 2016


hi slug

retain a glimmer of hope

add a pinch of faith

surround yourself with love, either present or past.

this is your bubble and woe betide anyone who bursts it.

feel the love on here - it really helps lift me.

carole x

Morning people And I hope you are all feeling ok with the world today. Here up north it’s been raining endlessly but today is bright and chilled. We have not had flooding thankfully, but I hear this morning of more poor souls being evacuated, and my heart goes out to them.

but here at chez slug I managed (not without great difficulty and help from mr slug) to have a shower and wash my hair, which I have not been able to do for a few days, so at least i am clean which is fabulous in itself-was washing obviously, but just not the same.

so still sluggish but feeling a lot better, thanks for kind words and thoughts. Keep living xx

sending you some cuddles