thanks you lovely lot


i have been reading the board but not replying because my fingers are playing silly beggars.

but some posts i wanted to reply to have had replies from quite lot of you.

i wish i could send comfort and cuddles but all i can send is positive thoughts.

make sure you have your receptors switched on.

carole x

Thank you too Carole. You are always very supportive and kind to all of us. I for one really appreciate your kindness.

Hope your little fingies feel a bit better soon.

Keep looking into that crystal ball and we will hear what you are thinking.

Shazzie xx

Hey Carole, hope the fingers start behaving better soon :wink:

Recently I have blamed the new laptop with it’s very soft keys for my atrocious typing and missing letters but have come to realise it might be my fingers so I’m mainly now doing that index finger only strikes of the keys… it means I am REALLY slow but seems to work better!

Hope you’re back soon :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Carole, my receptors are on hun!